Tuesday, March 1, 2016

omg, major meltdown for me tonight...

Posted by ChristineElaine at 9:53 PM
What happened tonight, might one ask?

Huge. Drama. Like, sitting in my office chair in tears, heart sinking, hairs graying, soul being crushed drama...

Seriously. No joke. I was sitting here trying to figure out for hours... how to get videos from my phone UNDELETED.

You know who loves playing on my phone and my phone in particular, and loves watching videos? Alice. Guess who figured out how to delete videos, too...


When I realized what she had done... all of but the very most recent videos were on my phone... I had a panic attack. And I blamed myself, extremely hard, that I hadn't gotten the videos off my phone yet. I don't exactly have all the time in the world to sit down and sort through all that... but I really should have. I should have just taken everything off my phone and backed up at least! AT THE VERY LEAST!!!

Lesson learned.

So I sat there, for hours, crying and freaking out and texting Josh how horrible I was for procrastinating and in the mean time, googling ways to recover deleted videos. All of which, to do so with the best chance, was to "root" my phone... that is something that a lot of people do regardless of whether or not they're recovering something, but there are a lot of risks in doing such a thing to your phone. I was seriously just about to do it, risks be damned too. I had even downloaded the different programs to do it.. I was literally short of selling my voice to Ursula. Only, she wouldn't want my voice. Trust me.

Anyway, after the programs downloaded... eesh, by then it was nearly 11:30 pm and in my frantic desperation to get back my deleted stuff... I was feeling so pitiful, so low, just the worst. I thought of the Chip N Dale videos and the Move It Shake It Parade videos, and the Ariel ride ones... lost in the vortex. I sobbed my last tears and just said, "Fuck this! I'm tired!" Since I'd have to get up in a handful of hours anyway, with at least one guaranteed late night wake-up from Alice... I was defeated. Had to throw in the towel.

So, sniffling, I crawled into bed and stared pathetically at my phone. Then I noticed... that behind the 'Google' tree hiding many Googly apps, something caught my eye. I wondered, was my phone syncing things behind my back? Was Google perhaps, protecting me, and others like me, who may be scatterbrained and procratinate-y? I wondered, since I definitely did not set this up manually, if my phone had some sort of auto-sync I was unaware of, especially since my e-mail IS and always was a google e-mail... I'll admit, I don't delve too deeply into what Gmail, and its partner Android, offer me. These days I really can't be bothered with that.

So, was Google in my corner, the whole time? Was my Note 5 secretly laughing at this whole episode? WERE THE VIDEOS BACKED UP THE WHOLE TIME VIA GOOGLE?!!?!?

Yep. We're safe. I'm safe. Everything's safe.

Except Alice, she's grounded until she's like, 30.

So, umpires rejoice around the world please... for the videos are SAAAAAAAAAAAFE!!!

It's currently nearing midnight and I am taking no chances.... I am sitting here, in darkness, downloading every single one of these bad boys. Expect a Disney post soon because....

They're safe.

(I needed an outlet since Josh had to give up his phone and I can't scream that I got everything back lol.. so hello, blog!)

PS here's a cute pic of the kids! Hehe. 


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