Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween's coming!

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 My friend posted this on Facebook, and I quite like it:

It's so true. Prepare your kids, because you aren't going to be around forever. As much as I'd like to be on this earth forever, someday I won't be, and my sweet girl will be left to her own devices. I can only wonder of the big things her  future may possibly hold. :) When we hold her and play, we always wonder aloud as to what she'll do when she's older... a scary thought, because when she's older, we'll be much older! AHHH!! Even the rough days are easy to triumph over for one big reason: she is not going to be this small forever. She will be walking, talking, and off to school before we know it. It's probably weird to hear, but the crazy days where she's extra fussy, or nights when she'd rather yank my hair out instead of calming down for bedtime, well... I love those moments! It just means I get to spend more time with my little baby. 

And on a less sentimental note....

Yippee!!!! I'm pretty darn excited for Halloween. Ever the procrastinator, I wasn't really sure if we would be dressing up this year, but alas -- we are! It's official, we are going to be Team Rocket from Pokemon, the hilarious villains that aren't too good at being villains!

And little Camilla is going to be Meowth, their cat! (And Desoto will probably be Pikachu)

Josh's costume came first... purple wig and all! He tried it on, which I found quite amusing, but it looked pretty good! I actually think his costume is for a girl (lol), as it was a bit snug, but it'll work! My costume came on my birthday and it's near perfect! Now all I have to figure out is how I'm going to get my red wig to stand up like Jessie's, BUT I do have a game plan... hopefully I can pull it off, if not, I suppose I can always just wear the hair down. It won't be as fun though! I purchased Camilla a Meowth hat, though it's FAR too big. It's a very cute hat from a super nice seller on Etsy, but the problem is it's crocheted (or knitted?) and I'm not sure if there is a way I can shrink it, or not. I'm probably going to call Sue and see if there's any information up her sleeve for me to fix it lol, since she's the crafty queen. Now all we need are some pumpkins to carve and we'll be good! I went out and got some Halloween decorations and I hung up some bats and skeletons, etc. It's going to be so great! Josh did say he would need lots of vodka, or something similar, if he's to act the part of James... LOL. For anyone who hasn't seen the show, James is very effeminate. Yay! I'm so excited! I love Halloween!!!

Oh, my birthday was super! We just spent it at home, relaxing and whatnot. Josh took the day off and it was a very nice night in. He originally planned for us to go out to dinner somewhere but with Camilla, it's a little tricky lol. So he brought Olive Garden to me instead of us packing up to go. We did go to IHOP the other day and Cam was very well behaved (wish I could say the same for the other little kids there!) I know it's not going to be like that all the time, so when she is nice and behaved, I sure am grateful. Josh is so wonderful, he got me a griddle/grill hybrid pan that I've been wanting, this nice/big swiveling spice rack (yay!), and... actually quite a few domestic household things LOL. I told him I didn't need anything/much. But men! He also got me a birthday cake which I could not resist the temptation... sigh!

Camilla's 4 month was a few days ago and she did fantastic! The doctor went over all that  she should be doing by this age and she scored perfect for all of them. When the doctor listened to her heartbeat, Camilla grabbed her I.D. tags and the doc said, "Well, she's definitely curious! That's a huge plus!" Woohoo! It was so hard watching her get her shots though, the three she got in her legs-- ouch! She grasped my fingers so hard, and she stared at me all the while crying, thinking about it is making me sad... :( but she's a good baby, and she was fine right afterwards, although a bit grumbly. Everyone thinks she is so adorable; a couple ladies in the waiting room were talking to her and asking her if she got ouchies today, and Camilla grumbled and gurgled back to them. So funny! She is definitely a talker, even to Desoto... who has become a nanny dog. I don't think he is capable of walking by her sleeper without poking his nose in there. I wonder if he's just seeing how she's doing, or what. I know I've posted this picture already but... I can't help myself! 

Her expression is just so silly. I have a feeling they are going to be partners in crime someday. And she's  going to be the perpetrator.
 Oh look at her adorable little face and HUGE eyes! This was after a bath. Squeaky clean and super cute!I think it's time for more adorable pictures....

Oh my word, I love this cutie pie.


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