Monday, October 22, 2012

Photobomb time!

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We always have our phone cameras out, but the last couple days was a wee bit more fun! We had some more stuff going on, the house is slowly (but surely) getting back to order and nice and cleaned, etc. Hung up some more Halloween decorations, and I'm quite pleased with how Camilla's nursery is coming together. I bought her a pretty and quite large heart decal with her name printed in cursive, but unfortunately it won't stick to these type of walls.. so we'll have to do something to remedy that. Yay! I'm bound determined to get this house super clean and better looking and organized... lol... by the time Sandra gets here. Thank goodness I have more time to complete such tasks! I get time in random bursts, but that's okay. Every spare second helps!

Time for pictures from the past couple of days. :)

UPDATE: This just in... oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!! I stepped away from Camilla's space-themed floor playmat thing and turned it on for her so I could go put some laundry away real quick, and I come back and she's rolled over onto her tummy! ALL BY HERSELF!!! I'm giggling hysterically as I type this, I'm just floored! She's been rolling over once in awhile when she's already on her tummy (for tummy time) but this is the first time she's rolled over from back to tummy! GASP!!!! And I missed it! Oh, but the fact that she's doing that now is crazy... I was like "OH MY GOSH CAMMY YOU ROLLED ONTO YOUR TUMMY?!?!" and she looked up at me all casually like, 'whatever, no big deal!'

Go Cammy!!! :D 

Eeek! Bats in the dining area! And spiders, cobwebs, a big ol' tarantula by the back door, and etc! While out thrifting I found that cute round table for only 24.99 so I bought it and surprised Josh with it! (Well, surprised him in the sense that I found us a table, he wrangled up the truck to go pick it up lol)

He's ALWAYS by her side!

I LOVE that bear! I found him thrifting as well. He looked so sad and lonely sitting by himself (and he had that antiquey bear look to him) and I HAD to have him...I mean... Camilla HAD to have him. He's wearing one of Camilla's hats that is still much too big for her. :)

Aren't they cute together?

One of her fave toys -- the light up singing/music chiming thingy.

Reaching for it. :)

FAVE FAVE FAVE!!!! I LOVE her eyes!

Desoto wants to join in Halloween festivities too!

PUMPKIN CARVING TIME!!! She can support herself for the most part if something is behind her, lol. But she does get cranky fast in that chair. Thanks dad for the hi-chair! :)

She's like uhhh what is that thing?

Peek a boo Desoto! Always the lurker.


Adorable!!! She's gonna be a daddy's girl, I can tell haha.

Woke up from a nap.

See? Always lurking near her! Lol.


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