Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oy, drama. Can I rant... pretty please?

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Today was actually REALLY great, until Josh saw a returned package from someone.

First of all, it's very rude to return someone's package. Josh's exact words, and I have to agree. He said it was the ultimate "Fuck you", and while I can see that that is basically what it's saying, I just find it humorous that something so incredibly petty came from someone who is super religious and "Christian". I guess not all Christians take the high road, not all Christians try to be the best person they can be... even though, um, isn't that what being a Christian is all about? This is why I don't think it matters what sort of religion you are, as long as you have a good heart and try to be a good person.  But nope. That logic has clearly flown the coop. Along with reason, and wisdom. Sheesh, I wouldn't have cared if they donated the package themselves... petty, petty, petty.

It's just saddening (for me) because finding time to shower, or do dishes, or clean something is hard enough with everything that's going on here - but finding the time, energy, spending the money, and care wrapping up items and gifts that you think someone would really like, then finding time to trek out to the post office with a baby in tow.... that's not always as easy as it could be, and Josh... well, he's pretty ticked off. Holy cow, I thought he was going to explode. I love him for wanting to protect my feelings. Sure, my feelings were hurt, but it was more of me feeling absolutely stupid for putting the effort towards ungrateful people.

For one, I knew the returned package was coming, I told him I had received a heated phone call. (So heated, I couldn't even respond... I could only mutter "Um okay.") So wordlessly, I just shrugged as he handed the birthday package to me. After all, what could I say that could override a package that the mailman scribbled "REFUSED" all over?

I literally had to stop Josh from picking up the phone and voicing his opinions to the addressee. I'm trying to see it as a blessing. See, I can donate the items in the package to thrift stores, and to people who could really use/appreciate them. Then, I can step back away from the cataclysm, and just move on -- there is no point in wasting anymore heartache, worry, or further thoughts on that whole lot of rubbish. It's a sad situation, especially since 'reason' is literally nonesistent, but what can you do? My time is too precious to waste anymore on all of that, and I've honestly had enough, and so has Josh. I was really afraid of what he would say if he HAD called -- I will admit, I was curious, because someone needs to lay down the truth and LISTEN, and Josh is the most authoritative person I know. He could be president someday, and he would be one fine president. (but I digress). whenever I say something, apparently I'm just being "venomous", not truthful.

*sigh* I think the last time I saw him this angry was when I was nearing 8 months pregnant and my brother called me (from Washington, mind you) to ask me if I could download and burn a few seasons of Doctor Who, and to buy some Dr. Seuss Lorax stuff for some girl he liked. I was HUGELY PREGNANT and because I cared too damn much, I waddled my ass off all over the store to purchase some orange yarn (to crochet a damn Lorax doll, which wasn't that fabulous anyway, but that's besides the point lol) AND a stack of blank DVDs. I stayed up all night downloading and burning my brother about 10 or so discs of that show -- all for some girl's birthday that was in a few days. He couldn't call me a week or two in advance, thus I had to overpay on priority shipping for everything. It was so goddamn ridiculous. And I didn't even get a thank you. I'M the venomous one? Maybe I'm just tired of putting my all out for you (and him) and getting treated like dirt in return. A boy nearing legal adult age who asks his out of state super pregnant sister a favor... because he didn't think to save up his own money, or get a job, to do the things he does -- THAT is who you are raising. I still haven't gotten a sincere thank you to this day. Nope - I believe the last thing he said about me was that I was "unreasonable." Yeah... it's so not unreasonable to ask the sister who's not even in the same zipcode as you for a huge favor to be completed within 24 hours. *rolls eyes*

Geeze. There I go. Venting and ranting.  Oh venting and ranting feels so good, even though I know afterwards I'll feel guilty -- the totally same feeling of when I ate 78% of that delicious birthday cake!

I feel so bad for any of Josh's family who read this .... I'm just at my wits end! I really just don't know what to do! The only person I can really talk to about this is my sister, since we agree on every single damn point. And so do a hundred other people. Gosh. I talk to Josh about it all the time and he agrees too, he really wants to just call and lay it out straight, but I told him not to since... well, what the hell is the point? GRAHHHHHHHH!

.....ANYWAY!!!!!!! Today we got pumpkins! We'll probably carve them Sunday evening... and Sandra will be here on the 28th. I'm excited! A little nervous too, I haven't seen her in YEARS. Probably the last time I saw her was... hmmm, high school I believe. I've actually known her since Kindergarten, but she moved away before we hit 1st grade, but have always kept in touch/visited each other throughout our childhood. She's the one friend I've known the longest! Woohoo! We got some margarita mix and pina colada mix LOL, so maybe we'll have some girly gossipy fun times.

I have to clean!!!!!!! I should probably get off this blog-therapist hybrid and do something around the house... ;)

Sorry for all the ranting, but it did get a LOT off my chest and now I feel better. Pictures can be your reward! :)

Oh! I've posted this one before, this one I tweaked a bit in my photoshop program... I just wanted to lend some light/a more crisp view on her eyes. All the pictures are taken on my iphone, which isn't the best quality (really must find my camera charger) but I wanted to show that Camilla's eyes are dark, but a very pretty dark green-y color. :D What a doll!


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