Monday, October 8, 2012

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I decided to delete the last blog. There really is no need to put something like that on here, so sorry if I offended anyone. It's just very upsetting watching someone related to you, simply tread in laziness and apathy, because I know (and my sister, and pretty much EVERYONE else who knows of the situation) know, that they can do so much better. The fact that nobody is doing anything about it because of their laundry list of denial and excuses, doesn't matter. He shouldn't have to "depend" on anyone when he is an adult -- when you are an adult, you are responsible for your own actions. Hell, even a teenager should be responsible for their own actions. I just wish SOMETHING could be done about it, and using religion as an excuse, and God as a beacon for wish-prayers (like wishing for my mother to find a rich man to take care of her... she has a job, she's on her own, she's doing fine) is silly. I don't think anyone should treat God like that, even if I'm not religious, that is not what he is there for... if anything, if you have faith, maybe the religious should be praying for a better world. One where children in other countries aren't starving, or where they have the medications available to help their needs, where education is available to them. And here, we have a teenager who refuses to eat because he doesn't care, screwing his education up by not caring nor trying, and not even taking his epilepsy medicine because people are teaching him to not trust doctors. It's so sad, and I feel so burdened by this. I don't want him to grow up to be a bum.  I don't want to see him hurting as an adult, because everyone lets him do whatever he wants, whenever he wants as a teenager. That's all. And yes, he did talk back to his gym teacher. The gym teacher told everyone to do push ups and your pride and joy REFUSED to follow along, so he made him run laps. Then you laugh and chuckle saying, wow he can run laps and jump hurdles! That's not something to be proud of... honestly, he should've just done push ups like the rest of the class. He's not dancing to the beat of his own drum, refusing to do push ups with everyone else is just plain ol' obnoxiousness. I wish I had a 2000 mile long arm so I could slap some sense into him. Lol.

Anyway. Besides feeling like total crap that all this madness is going on in my family, things have been good over here. Camilla is interacting with her toys! Yay! We went on an evening trip to the store last night to get her more toys, and she LOVES this litte rattle ball and light up touch toy. Gosh she's so adorable, we love her so much!!!! She's definitely been staring at our food when me or Josh eat, even staring at Desoto when he's chewing his bones lol, so when she hits 4 months I will probably start her on some baby foods. All the recalls on baby food lately have me a bit paranoid, ha, so I'll probably just conjure up some myself with the blender. I was eating some avocada yesterday and gave her a couple tastes... and her expressions were hilarious! She is quite the expressive baby. :)

Hmmm what else?! Josh had a 4 day weekend so we had a lot of fun just hanging out. We took our weekend trip to the mall and that's probably my favorite day of the week. Cam was in her panda leggings and the sales people in the department and movie stores cooed over her. She's such a popular little lady! Oh I suppose another new thing, I'm on the Atkins diet. It's working! It's basically no carb/no sugar the first two weeks, then you slowly add carbs and sugars later on. I lost 5lbs the first week, and I weighed myself today and lost another pound. Hopefully it keeps going like that lol. I read that the first two weeks are when it really hits you, and it'll probably slow down afterwards. It's damn hard though! Grocery shopping is challenging actually having to read and study labels. Phew. But the payout will be worth it! Josh isn't on it, so it's hard watching him eat all the good stuff! Lol. Especially at the mall.. I was like oh god droooooolllll at everything in the food court. And all the coffee places! *sigh* But I must keep trudging on!

Picture time!! (oh and I found that one baby pic of Josh that reminds me of Cam, and I saw some very cute photos of his parents back in the day... Sue, you are a hottie! Dennis is so lucky!)


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