Monday, November 26, 2012

All Thank'd Out... now it's time to Deck the Halls!

Posted by ChristineElaine at 10:12 PM
Thanksgiving was great! So great that we had Thanksgiving dinners for the next few days after. :) Come to think of it, I think we still have some sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie in the fridge.. I think the turkey turned out even better than last year's! Woohoo. :) We have quite a few fun pictures of our Thanksgiving, so this post will probably be mostly pictures... since not a whole lot of new stuff has happened since T-Day. Just Christmas fever going on in this house... hehe. Yay!I can't wait until we get a tree. We've busted out the Christmas decorations and I've been having way too much fun figuring out all that stuff, along with present wrapping, and some shopping. I've already gotten Josh and Camilla a bunch of things. *sigh* I think I have a Christmas addiction. Yesterday and today have been VERY busy for my shop, I went through like, three rolls of tape about 17 or 18 packages totaling yesterday and today. Eeeesh! Oh well, just means some extra pocket money for holiday fun. ^_^
Hmm. I'm sure there were some other things I wanted to update on, but I can't think of any right now. Honestly, I am pretty darn exhausted right now. I could not sleep at all last night unfortunately, I might grab another cup of coffee because I don't want to go to bed just yet. I've been itching to craft stuff and get back on the sewing machine, (especially since Christmas is coming and I have some fun ideas I want to try) but Camilla reaaaaaalllyyyy wants to be held alllllll the time so it's tricky, haha. I did finally finish a silly owl plushie I decided to make her after being inspired by some owls online. It's pretty ghastly, but she's a baby, so she won't mind if it's quirky and fraying. Lol.
Oh well!  Pic time!

Sweet potatoes. Yum?


(Not pictured: the ipad playing How to Train Your Dragon) to help make sitting still tolerable. :)

I shouldn't have uploaded these, cause I'm hungry again.

Don't worry mommy, I'll take the spoon. 

Nom nom nom.

I don't know about these things you call sweet potatoes...

It was a  nice Thanksgiving night. <3

Then the next day we dug into the Christmas lights!

And found the Desoto ornament. <3

Hung up some decorations...

Camilla and her pal Toothless helped.

Other end of the  couch is gone to make plenty of room for the tree and presents!

She loves  to help. ;)

Peek a boo, Cam!

Making funny noises = one giggly Cam.

Lol. I love her  silly face.

Helping mommy with work? Lol.


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