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HAPPY HALLOWEEEEN!!! (even though it's November!)

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Even though it's November, this post is going to share our Halloween FUN FUN FUN! It was a wonderful, low key Halloween, and we were very pleased to share it with my very good friend-since-Kindergarten, the lovely Sandra Nash. But before I touch upon Hallows Eve... let's see the prep. Er, sort of. I already showed some of the decorations. We did put up more, but we also CARVED PUMPKINS!

Here are my pumpkins, one is mine and one is for Camilla. :)

The first two pics are Camilla's pumpkin -- I attempted a Toothless (How to Train your Dragon) dragon pumpkin, since she absolutely LOVES that movie. If it's on in the background, she is just glued to it. It's quite a savior if I need to do a quick clean up, or some dinner prep! The bottom is my pumpkin, my rendition of the Cheshire Cat from Alice Madness Returns/a My neighbor Tororo character. He turned out pretty decently, but he rotted pretty bad before Halloween. :( Josh... lol, he procrastinated and didn't carve one until Halloween NIGHT! But he did a basic face carving, and I have a picture of it with the other two later on. :) October was a pretty creative month for me... and you'll see why!
...Remember when I said what our costumes were going to be this year? Team Rocket!
Team Rocket - the villains that are pretty terrible at being villains?! Well, we did it! Whatcha think?

Yay!!! This is probably one of mymost favorite costumes, since I worked super hard on my wig. It's by no means perfect, in fact I have so much hair that it pushed the wig up and you can see the wig cap, and I totally forgot to snip off the unruly wayward random hairs splaying out, but that's okay! It didn't have to be perfect, and I'm pretty darn proud of myself for sticking with this wig project. It took a solid 3-4 days of building with steel wire (and cutting my hands and fingers), paper mache, PVC glue, paint, and a long long looong red wig. GOSH.

 Woot woot!!! There are some definite flubs. Like the wig cap showing. And I wanted it to be a bit longer, and I wasn't quite finished gluing hair.. there should be lots more hair to make it thicker, but I was running out of any real solid time since Sandra was coming up, so I was like BAH! It'll do! :) I think it gets the point across, and tons of trick or treaters and their parents were like whoa, look it's Team Rocket! Or hey look, it's Jessie and James! And the real treat? Ash (main character of Pokemon) trick or treated at the door! Now THAT was a real kick! And Josh, he was REALLY into character... which I was quite impressed with and you'll see from the pictures, he really dug his costume! LOL. He was REALLY James that night! Camilla was adorable as Meowth and Sandra was the super fantastic Princess Mononoke! More pics! More pics!

Jessie and Princess Mononoke. :)

Jessie and her ADORABLE Meowth.

Look at James go!

James is really the best part of Team Rocket. :D

LOL and to think... I thought I would have to get him intoxicated to really be into the role!

Yay! She looked superb!

This wig was HEAVY. The steel wire on the heavy side dug pretty badly into the back of my ear, but I HAD to keep it on. It was Halloween and I had cute little kids to give candy to! Lol.
Prepare for trouble, and make it double! - Team Rocket Motto


Awww my little Meowth CamCam!

Cutie pies!


The middle finger is not very nice, Miss Cammy! Lol.

Waiting for trick or treaters. It took awhile -- they started WAY earlier last year!

"Where the heck are all the trick or treaters?!"

Toothless, my rotting sad pumpkin, and Josh's!

Team Rocket's blasting off at the speed of light! Surrener now or prepare to fight. ;)



Me thinking, OW MY HEAD.


Omg. I love this.

Tired from all the festivities.

LOL. Oh goodness. I look quite silly, but it was sooo much fun!

So in conclusion, that night was so much fun! It took me a little over an hour to get ready, and Josh was about the same. He REALLY wanted to look good - he even shaved LOL. We all had quite a bit of fun prepping for the day, doing some last minute decorations and errands. We started the day looping Halloween-themed movies like Hocus Pocus on the t.v. and trying not to eat all the candy... which we failed, we ate SO much. I can't resist Snickers and Sandra can't resist Lemonheads! And Josh can't resist Reese's! Oops!

Trick or Treating started pretty late this year. Some kids were confused as to what we were dressed as, but many more kids and even their parents, knew instantly when they saw us. They would go WHOA, Team Rocket! Or Oh my God, ya'll are Team Rocket aren't you? HA. A handful of kids were terrified of my hair... which is understandable... and some asked if it was my real hair (HAHA!). We saw many superheros like Captain America, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and lots of princesses and fairies. It was a really nice night - not too hot, not too cold either. It was definitely exhausting... and we were all wanting to put our feet up and kick back and relax afterwards. Me especially, since it pretty much felt like I was wearing a small boulder atop my head. :) Camilla spent most of the night in our arms and she slept for much of it... she's such a sweet baby, I was a little worried the darkness and strangers might scare her, but she did just fine. All in all, I think it was a very successful and nice, laid back Halloween. A perfect one for Camilla's first.

Whimpering. The wig is off! My head is freeeeee!
Back to semi-normal. :)

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone else's Halloween was just as safe, fun, and filled with love! I'm not sure what we're going to be next year, but as long as we are together, it will be just as wonderful! <3


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