Friday, November 2, 2012

More photos! Yay!

Posted by ChristineElaine at 9:45 PM
Here are some recent pictures pre-Halloween!

I'll do a separate Halloween blog because it was so gosh darn fun being in our costumes + my friend visiting + it's my 2nd favorite Holiday!

Well, actually, I have loads of pictures to share with you friends and family... but I'd hate to make one giant long post! So I'll do a couple different ones, with lots of pics and sillyness to share. Here are some of beautiful Camilla... next one will be ALL about all Hallows Eve! Spppppooookkky! :D

"Shut up mom!!" Lol.

Someone wants the candy!

Yum, candy!

Mr. Nosey.

She was trying sooooooooo hard to turn over.

Camilla and the pink teddybear Grandma Sue got her. :)

Ha, I love this - it almost looks like they're dancing or something. :)

Sitting on her boppy throne.


Dobie kissies tickle.

Happy baby!

Say whaaaaaaaat?

Fancy baby. Flower head!

Favorite light up singing toy.

Tummy time with lots of toys.

And we end with Desoto being dramatic. :)


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