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I don't know why, but as I was finishing up the last touches on Josh's lunch, I just got incredibly sad. I think it's because of everything that's been going on in our country/the entire world that really got to me. I've been thinking about Hurricane Sandy and all the people suffering and living on rations, and I just feel so... gosh darn lucky to be where I am today. Lucky that I have Josh, that we're in a safe area, that we have a beautiful healthy baby girl, and just... lucky to be alive, kicking, and happy. I feel like I don't deserve ANY of this, or I feel like at any moment it's all going to be swallowed up and I'm going to wake up and realize this is all just a dream. Josh always talks about how terrible it is over in countries like Iraq, where women don't have a voice, choices, freedom, or anything really, or the children and people in countries like Africa, or places where water and food are scarce... it makes me so sad that babies like Camilla are going without. :( I am so lucky to have been born who I am, live where I live, and the same goes for Camilla. Count your blessings people, because there are so many who have so little! I love my family so much, I would do ANYTHING for them.

Lately I've been taking Camilla thrifting with me, which has been quite a hoot! Many people know how addicted to thrifting I am, and that might sound like a bad thing, but it totally isn't. I swear! I dislike spending more than $10 in any one thrift place, and most of the time my purchases don't even hit the $5 mark. WOOT! I bought a couple vintage cookbooks for .25 a piece, and I LOVE vintage anything.. especially cookbooks, with the old fashioned pictures and all the incredibly in-depth passages. I love them! So I thought I scored a couple winners there... and I did. Tonight I baked up a Toasted Coconut Cake and it was seriously the bomb. Josh loved it! (and I know it's a keeper recipe when Josh keeps going back for more!) He had about 3 slices and this was after dinner, oops! I probably shouldn't make this one too often... since I keep finding myself in the kitchen picking at it. Lol. Not good for the waistband, but the taste buds were singing.

People always ask me, how the heck do you have time to do ANYTHING with a baby? I have no idea... Camilla is not a fussy baby at all. We REALLY lucked out with her. No colic, no crankies, no fussing. The only times she really really cries is if someone has her for too long and she wants me back, lol. Josh had to face that a few days ago when I made a trip to grocery shop... poor Josh, poor Camilla! I try not to leave for too long, or I just take her with me. She's still in that 'I need mommy and only mommy' phase lol.

 Oh back to the thrifting note! Because my sister and I are totally addicted and always talk and text about our finds and our outings/adventures, look what else I snagged!

...No! Not the baby! The baby was free... after 9 months of toiling, anyway. :D (if toiling = laying around like a beached walrus..) That super awesome, fantastic, brand new sweater hoodie was only... $1! Yeah, $1! *jumps up and down* Had brand new tags and everything. Josh was impressed... and I think Camilla likes it too, look, she's flashing the peace sign! What up, homies?

Yay! And that cute tutu outfit was only $2, the owl plates (brand new in plastic) were .50! Was a pretty good day, and it totally wore Cammy out. She was asleep in the stroller the entire time mommy went nuts inside the thrift shop. :)

 Time for more fun pictures!  I just realized I never really wrote much about when Sandra was here, nor posted any pics, but I will... I just have to gather them all up! I think that's the hardest part of the blog process is grouping which photos to upload, the writing part is easy, the photos and placement however, not so much! Enjoy the pics fam and friends -- we love you! We're safe, doing well, Camilla is AMAZING... and you'll see in the pictures but she is READY to crawl! She is practically mobile already! She's also reaching and wanting to interact with her books, soooo into her toys... well, don't let me keep blabbering on, pictures are worth a thousand words, aren't they? :) Oh... don't forget to ogle Desoto in his ugly Christmas sweater! He is all ready for the Christmas season.

PS OMG! I can't believe Camilla is already 5 months. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!

Sleeping on the drive towards Austin.

OH MY GOSH, I love that grin!

She is sooo into her light up toys. That one lights up and spins, sings, and makes funny noises.

Will he turn into a prince, Princess Camilla?


She looooves How to Train Your Dragon.

That face... lol.

Drum roll.. Desoto's ugly Christmas sweater! Thank you, Target!

Cuckoo for Christmas!

Our handsome doofus. :)

Napping... sort of.

Omg omg omg. That face. That DROOL!

I left for a couple seconds to grab a new sanitizer bottle, I placed her on her blankie with her toys in front of her book, and I come back AND THERE SHE IS!!! My jaw hit the floor. I couldn't believe it!

Now when I set her down she just rolls and tries so hard to crawl... it's insanity. This weekend is going to be spent baby-proofing!

AW tootsies!



Halloween Vampire Camilla! AHHH!

Eeeek, Dobie kissies!

I love this one. She was looking at the pictures and turning the pages back and forth. I'm reading to her a lot more now that she is very interested in her books. :)


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