Sunday, December 23, 2012

Adventures in Avocados.

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All Desoto wants for Christmas is to be Santa's 10th reindeer. And treats... lot of treats.

It's soooo close. I'm excited. Can you tell? I'm like a kid. Heehee.

There are piles upon piles of photos to share; I really have to sit down and sort through them... but I can't do that now, it's nearly 3 A.M. and I do have to get some sort of sleep, right? Hehe. However, I do have some hilarious pictures of Miss Camcam having her first real bowl of super mushy avocados! Since she drools over our food, I thought it was time to really make the (semi) leap to soft foods. This week is avocados!

Cleaning herself off? Hehe!

I love this little lady of ours! She's such a sweet pea. We still get lots of people cooing over her when we take her out and about with us (especially in her Christmas outfits and headbands), and she's just such a happy baby. She loves playing peek-a-boo games with me, like if she's crawling around a few feet away I'll hide behind the couch, or wall, and pop out and she'll giggle and laugh a ton, then crawl quickly towards me until I pop out again. So cute! Tonight she really followed me around quite a bit, and it's so adorable. I don't let her in the kitchen though, and the doors to the other rooms except her bedroom are always closed, but once awhile when Josh is in his office reading the news or playing a video game, the door will be open and she'll crawl in and make an appearance for daddy!

Have I said how excited I am for Christmas? :) Lol. I really am. I want to make Camilla's first Christmas perfect.. or at least nearly. I guess we are doing a turkey! Which is fine by me, gotta love that turkey. I think tomorrow I may go out and get some last minute items, even though there is literally no room for anymore under the tree (lol) but I need to get more tape, and that'll be my excuse... diabolical, isn't it? I'm just so happy and feel so lucky to have what I have, especially Camilla. She is the sun to my world.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas Eve Eve and a warm and wonderful Christmas Eve and (if  I don't write here by the blessed Christmas day) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I'll end this with some more pictures, even though I should be off to bed.... when in Rome, right? :D Here are some of my favorite pics of very recent days.

Presents!! Eeeeeep!                                                When mommy makes funny noises, I laugh.


Uh oh, naked baby!                                       Coffee Shop! :)       

Doooooooofus doggy! :) He's a good boy.

Bye guys! Have a Merry Christmas Eve Eve/Eve/Christmas! - Sincerely, Desoto DeDoberman, WOOF!

Oh boy, it's 3:21 A.M.... gotta go! Lotsa love. <3


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