Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's finally December. Can't believe the first week is almost over. Why is time going by so fast?! I felt like after Thanksgiving, the last few days of November were dragging by so slow, and now that it's my favorite time of the year... of course it's going by fast! Sheesh. I have SOOO much left to do, but I'm on here typing away because I have lots of fun pictures to show, unfortunately I don't think I'll have time to post them ALL.

But you all should be getting the gist of what's going on in our neck of the woods. :)

Oh wait, I haven't made the official announcement. CAMILLA IS CRAWLING. She looks so silly and cute when she does it, but I cried. A lot. When she crawled over  to me the night she was *literally* crawling. She crawled over to me instead of over to her toys or the crinkly packing paper she had a keen interest on. I even have a video. YAY. I love my little lady so much!


Our HUGE tree. Like 9 or 10 feet. I want to say 10, because it's damn huge. Even on a stool, I can't reach to decorate the top. Damn being 5' nothin'.

But isn't the tree so beautiful? I could smell it ALL day long... and I do.

My beautiful Cam girl touching her first REAL tree. :) Actually, probably the first tree she's touched period.


WE GOT A CHOO CHOO TRAIN! We're all aboard for the perfect Christmas. Choo choooo!

I LOVE this tree. Best we've ever had.

Still a mess to put away, but we haven't finished decorating just yet.

Oh, she crawled to the candy canes and opened the box.


Candy cane mustache? Unfortunately for Camilla, mommy took those away after these photos. Lol.

Too big of a hat = super cute baby.

Lol look at that face.

Even Mr. Grandfather clock is dressed up with a great big Holiday bow and brrrrrr, he's got snowflakes!

I can't wait until Christmas morning.
We have so so so many more pictures. Of everything. Especially the tree. And I can't help myself, but I've been getting Camilla a lot of presents lol. I know it's probably silly, since she won't remember this Christmas, but it IS our first with Camilla, so why not?! :) And if they are things she can use or need, all the better. I got her a few more toys, several pairs of leggings, that owl I made, etc etc! Lol. I guess I just go all out! Good thing I've got my business money! Phew! To family or friends thinking of getting her present, if you need ideas: she LOVES light up toys/musical toys. <3 I can't wait for Santa either... something tells me he's got a big big gift in mind for her...
Hurry up Santa! I've waited all year for you! :)
More pics and a real blog later, it's already 3, whoa!


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