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Only 362 days until Christmas!

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Lol. Suffice it to say, our Christmas was wonderful. Camilla has a lot of new toys, I have a few new toys as well, and Josh was very happy with his loot, too! And we ended with a nice turkey dinner (avocados for Cam) and it was a nice day/night being in with the family, which really is what Christmas is all about.. spending time with those you love! I don't even think either of us played a single video game that day! :D Must be a record! Oh wait... I think Josh was playing a game while Camilla and I still were asleep in the morning, but that doesn't count. Hehe.

I actually woke up to the crazy loud thunderstorm we were having, and it sounded like hail was attacking the windows. I literally thought it was the end of the world. I was like, oh no, the world can't end... we haven't opened presents! To me it sounded like at any moment tree branches were going to crash through windows, it was THAT bad. I suppose in a way, it's a good thing this place is so barren, and the trees are basically big twigs stuck in the dirt.

Anyway! A few of my favorite presents: new computer monitor Josh got me that has a webcam so Skyping can be easier! Plus it's crazy huge, almost too huge lol. Rachael Ray Cookware set YAY!!! Nothing to motivate you to cook like getting new cookware. :) A couple cute crafty books I not so secretly put on my "wants" list, lol, and some board games! Yippeeee! We could've used the board games earlier when family and friends visited, lol, but now we have some! I got Josh this cool zombie survival board game that looks fun (but we need more than two players I think), and an Office trivia game (one of our favorite shows), and he got me the Game of Thrones board game! Which looks mega complicated, but it's another show we love, so heck yeah! Oh gosh, and the beautiful handmade hand towels Grandma Sue made us.. so beautiful! And her Desoto shirt she made Josh, such thoughtful and seriously gorgeous work. I should give up now because I will never be that good! Lol. I need to get a picture of those towels! :)

I also got Josh this vintage monkey cymbal toy (featured in Toy Story 3) that he randomly said earlier in the year would be cool to have... so naturally I was like, hmm, must get that for him. It's an antique though, and they are moderately rare so it wasn't easy to find. It's from like the 50's/60's/70's... it's so cool though!! And it adds an interesting touch to his desk lol. It works too, and goodness, it is LOUD when he claps his cymbals haha. Along with some Wallace and Gromit stuff, funny shirts, etc. Usually I'm pretty bad at gift giving for him because the stuff he is interested in, I don't really know anything about (guns, computer parts and inner workings, etc) but I did pretty good this year methinks. :)

And sweet little Camilla had a great time with all her gifts! Her favorite gifts by far are the LapPup from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Den, the ipad accessory for babies from daddy, and the sit-and-play station from Santa! She also got some very cute dresses from Auntie Mary and Uncle Derek, and super cute toys! Santa also left Camilla this wonderfully sweet Minnie Mouse (which appears to be vintage, I tried looking up that Minnie Mouse via google and couldn't find it anywhere) and he left her a letter! Santa definitely made her first Christmas special. Hope he and his reindeer enjoyed the goodies we left!

We also spent Christmas skyping with family and that was amazing. Everyone got to see Camilla in her Christmas outfit and being her silly, vocal self, and unwrapping presents, and all that so it was like semi-spending it together. :) For our first Christmas as a family, it was amazing. :) I hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas too! With lots of love and family and goodies, to boot! <3

I baked Desoto a big dog treat on Christmas Eve and put it in his bowl Christmas morning.
Christmas morning. Santa was definitely here, and it looks like he rearranged some presents. :)

Santa left a Minnie Mouse and a letter for Camilla!  Milk and cookies are gone too.

Dunkin Donuts poking out of Josh's stocking, Gandalf!!! poking out of mine, an Owl out of Camilla's and doggy bones in Desoto's!

Gasp.. Santa left the grate open. And left a book.

Camilla and I reading Santa's letter.

Santa's letter up close.

Daddy and Camilla! Opening some presents.

What could it be, little Cam?

OooOoooOhh the Princess Primer book! The Fairy Godmother's Guide to being a princess!

I saw this book at Barnes and thought it was so cute and neat because there are all sorts of interactive stuff inside, like different fabrics princesses wear (with samples for feeling), and flap openings for different parts of t he castle. Love you always Camilla, enjoy your present from mommy. :)

There aren't many photos of me since.. well.. I'm the one behind the camera/phone all the time! Lol.

Then she fell asleep during present opening! 

Flash forward about 30 minutes later...

She was still pretty tired throughout the rest of the presents haha.

I don't appreciate this, mom.

New socks from daddy!

Josh with his new flag pants (lol), green tie, and Christmas shirt.

Desoto spying on me while I took a pee break... um, he doesn't think I can see him because he's looking in the other direction.

Desoto's Christmas present to Camilla.

She didn't want to pose, but she's a cutie anyway!

Ooooh, new toy from Santa!

Just a wee bit little small for it at the moment, but she will grow. Still enjoys it regardless. :)

BIG. FAT. MESS. But it's all clean now, promise!

Cutie lady!

All tuckered out from a long Christmas day and night.


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