Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6th? Oh my.

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It's February. Time is going by way too fast. Will it ever slow down ever again or will it only go by faster? Why is it when, as a kid or teenager, you feel like time (except maybe in the summers or on weekends) goes by soooo slow. Is it because there was never anything to do when you were a kid? Lol. Geeze!

Well, guess what... our little Cam girl is trying to pull herself up. And she's not only doing the army-crawl, she's been crawling on elbows and knees as well.. I'm just like, stop growing up!!! Lol. I feel like tomorrow she's going to jump out of my arms, grab the car keys, and say she'll be back by curfew.

Gosh. I've only just gotten over the whole "holy crap, we really have a kid!" mentality. I mean, don't get me wrong, I wasn't like in denial or anything, okay so... it's hard to explain, lol. Now it's like yeah, we have a kid! Instead of, holy crap, can you believe we have a kid!? I guess life gets pretty surreal when you have one. My sister always asks (because people ask her) if me and Josh will have another one and I always joke, "I dunno, let's see how this one goes!" Lol. It would be great for Camilla to have a sibling, but you know what's really really scary about having a child? It's that not one second has gone by (since having her) that I've stopped worrying or thinking about her. It's like my mind can't and won't ever stop worrying. Even if I'm out at the store or doing my thrifting rounds, I'm sure Josh thinks it's a break for me, but when I'm gone I'm always texting, always worrying, always cutting my trips short because I just can't stay away for too long. That probably makes me sound crazy, and maybe I am! Or maybe it's a new mom thing. :) I don't know, it's going to be hard for me to let go when she starts school! I'll probably bawl for weeks. Lol. And you know, tragedies like Sandy Hook, or even Hurricane Sandy... in the back of my mind I think, holy smokes that could happen to us. Unlikely, but definitely possible.

And lately, because I've been thinking about these types of situations, if there was one thing the Girl Scouts taught me time and time again, it's to be prepared. I think for disasters like Hurricane Sandy, having a stock of items that can tide you over for a long period of time is definitely the way to go. I mean, you never know what could happen right? It doesn't have to be hurricanes, it could be earthquakes, or an alien species attacking Earth like in Independence Day (lol). So I've been working on a list of good things to stock and keep on hand, hopefully I can take advantage of sales from stores when they have them, it's just smart. It definitely won't be that easy to keep an enormous stock in a rented home, but I think anything readily available for an emergency will be fine. It doesn't have to be zombie apocalypse huge. Hopefully, goodness willing, we'll be safe for as long as we are here, and I pray to every god that could be possible that we'll be safe and sound wherever we are. :) But it never hurts to be prepared. :)

In other news, Josh has been sick and that hasn't been fun. Me and Cam are fine, thank goodness. I rarely get sick even when other people around me are sick as can be, I guess I just have the immune system of steel or something. I made sure Josh had plenty of Emergen-C and cough drops, so he actually did not stay sick for too long, phew! I hate when he gets sick, it makes me feel so bad for him because it's like la dee da here I am healthy and normal, and he's over there coughing and sounding ghastly! Also, I was worried Camilla would catch it, but so far so good. PHEW!!! The shop has been VERY busy this month and I'm so so ecstatic when I am able to deposit large amounts of earnings into our bank account, lol, it just makes me feel very accomplished and like, contributing I guess. I know I know, being a mom 24/7 is probably enough of a contribution (haha) but I just like to help anyway I can! A couple weeks ago Josh was like, you know I'm proud of you (okay so I'm paraphrasing here, but I'm pretty sure he said the P word) because you have found a way to make money without having to leave the house, and you are taking care of Camilla, all day and night. Anyway, sappy moment, but my heart like leaped 5948390348904 feet. Because all I want to do is make him and Camilla happy. And yay! I have!

P.s. I love this photo.
 Currently, Camilla LOVES ripping apart paper. It's the funniest thing she's done yet (other than pee on us the other day lol). When I was wrapping up a few orders today, I set her beside me and gave her a handful of crinkly tissue paper thinking she'd have fun crinkling it... well nope, I was wrong, she had fun tearing it apart. The night prior, I gave her some tissue paper to distract her with and Josh was laughing up a storm because she literally just sat there ripping the paper, with the most concentrated look on her face; ripping and tearing and staring at tufts of paper in her small hands, then ripping some more. And her concentration was just hilarious! It was like she was God of all Paper and showing how merciless a god she was. Lol. I have to get it on video at some point cause it was so silly!

PHEW. I'm writing a novel here! I suppose I'm just releasing my thoughts out into blog-land, because I've been having plenty of them lol. And along with my thoughts and ramblings and paranoid outbursts, here are some pictures! We just want everyone to know we love you all, we always think about you, and we are doing fantastic! This blog post was a little sappier than normal, and for that I'll only be able to make up for in PICTURES! So enjoy. :)

Bathtime Baby!

Uh oh, tissue paper ripping time!
Oh, the humanity!

Funny tidbit: I cut quite a bit of my hair off and Josh couldn't tell. He didn't even know until I told him 2 days later LOL.

Daddy needed some big envelopes, so off to the store we went!
Good morning, Cam.

Let's see, what's in the magazine today. I see some interesting recipes, mom.
Bye-bye, everyone!

And to shake things up a little bit....
She certainly has come a long way from this, hasn't she?

This will always be my favorite picture of Josh and Camilla together. Always.

Only moments old.
1 day old.



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