Friday, May 8, 2015

BOTH kids are napping at the SAME time. What the heck?!

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 We will pay the price for these naps later. I predict a late bedtime. Lol.
 In the meantime... more pics!

This was taken on our very first day. We got there early, 8:40ish I believe? The park was busy, but definitely not crowded. Which was very nice for our first time.
The thing is... the later in the day, the busier and more crowded it gets. And unfortunately, with Spring Break around the corner, every day was more hectic and more crazy than the last.
I'm just so freaking thankful we did not plan the trip a week later lol.
Hi Josh!
Hi Josh!
Walking through Cinderella's castle was amazing. The murals inside were gorgeous.

Here the girls are all ready for the road trip in their pajamas and all lol.
Very smart idea to leave at bedtime!
It's a Small World!
Mom, I'm not ready to go wherever we're going!
Ma, I'm tired...

Where are we mom?!
The girls on the trip over. Seriously, the trip went WAAAAY better than I expected.
It helps that Cam loves car rides and Alice takes a nap and slept through the night lol.
And we had movies, games, and activities to do. :)
Whoops, pictures are a wee bit out of order. Look, a Clydesdale on Main Street!

Driving to Magic Kingdom on the very first day... we had major butterflies in our tummies!

The whole of Disney World rests within. Disney World is huge, so huge it is basically it's own ginormous town. Lol. 

 Some of these may have been posted before, sorry if they have my photos are not super organized yet!

Wow there's so much to see!
Mom, it's too hot.
In the shop called "Castle Couture" Cam picks out the sword, cause she's awesome.

Take that you vile princesses! Oh wait, I'm in a Cinderella dress though...


    Pretty sure these have already been posted but just in case lol.
I love that castle!!
At the hotel!
I think this was at Epcot? Maybe Hollywood Studios. Lol Cam.
                                                    Aww oh Alice...

Genie!! It was so bittersweet seeing him out and about. RIP Robin Williams. :(

Sigh, love it.
                             Loooove all the clever touches!!!

So much fun mom and dad!!

Cinderella fountain!!
We got 1st Visit buttons. :)
Being a bunch of sillies!
Main Street entertainment!

Our little adventurer :)


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