Sunday, May 17, 2015

Festival of Fantasy!

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Just dropped Josh off at the airport boohoo. :( He'll be back Thursday night at least, and then the four day weekend will be really nice! Sucks that he has to be gone. We miss him already. :( At least he is only gone for a few days, still.. bleh!

Alice is down for her nap, Cam's eating lunch, so I snuck off to my office... mwahahaha. Hopefully I can get these pictures up before Cam notices my office door is open lol.

FESTIVAL OF FANTASY!!! My friend Lisa told me that if we managed to see this parade if I could send her pictures of the Maleficent dragon.. ask and you shall receive. Boy, did I deliver. It was unfortunate that they didn't see this parade because it was seriously amazing. This parade was sooo much fun. I used to think I wasn't a parade person. I had the mindset "meh parade, big whoop. you can't really interact with the characters!"

But no. I was wrong, so dead wrong. Parades are so much FUN! Spoiler alert: there are going to be a LOT of pictures!

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       Ah Beauty and the Beast! I love how they played music too.. it was all so wonderful!

Anna and Elsa and Olaf!!!

OMG HERE COMES THE TANGLED FLOAT!!!! I was so excited for this one because of... FLYNN!
And Rapunzel, and the RUFFIANS! :) 
Notice how her hair wraps all around the float? And the Snuggly Duckling sign? Gosh, I love the details Disney puts in!
Those things also swung back and forth. Josh and I were impressed!

I was a victim of the Flynn smolder! LOL. Or Josh was? I don't remember who took this picture lolol.

Ariel!!!! And if you look closely, she's holding a dinglehopper! Lol.
Here comes Peter Pan!!!
The lost boys!
Captain Hook! Lol.
And mischievous Tinkerbell! 
Merida, from Brave. :) 
Oh my, it's Prince Phillip and the three fairies!

And do you see that dragon coming up behind him? Oh yeah... the MALEFICENT DRAGON!!!

I know I'm a sucker for villains and all but just look at those guys. How cool do they look?

BOOM! Maleficent dragon!!! Soooo freaking awesome!!
It was truly an amazing sigh to see! Especially because...
She opens her mouth and...
Sigh, so awesome. 
And here comes Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio!  
OHH OH OH And the Mad Hatter and the Alice in Wonderland folk. :) 

That's a pretty dapper Mad Hatter!
The return of the White Rabbit. :) 
The White Rabbit came up to Cam!!!! :) Isn't that so darling?
The 7 Dwarfs!

That concludes the Festival of Fantasy parade. :) Twas magical!


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