Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day!!! To all the moms out there who have sacrificed, given your all, struggled, and continue to do so without sleep. Lol.

To be honest, I tend to forget that Mother's Day includes me, too. I know I'm a mom, but I just feel like it's really for those veteran mom types. Josh continues to not have it any other way though, he always makes the day special for me. Today he literally made me stay in my office so I could practice my sewing, and just chill out and veg. That was seriously, the best present ever. I didn't ask for anything (though I expected flowers because I actually had looked at our bank account a couple days prior--whoops LOL), and he got me Starbucks, AND I didn't even have to cook tonight! He was really too sweet. Honestly, though, the best present is one he gives me daily. He is a great husband and a phenomenal father. He works so hard and goes above and beyond for me, for the girls, and he really is the rock in this family. But I did just really really appreciated my break, it was nice to just go crazy on my sewing machine which I haven't used in a looong time.

Thankfully, I remembered how to use it! Phew! :)

So yes, Happy Mother's Day to all the kick-ass moms out there who have the hardest job ever. No, we may not be brain or heart surgeons, nor do we battle in court processions, or whathaveyou. But we are raising the next generations, that possibly could do all those types of things. So, in a way, we are pretty integral to the future. (Dads too, but you will get your day soon! Lol.)

And also this:

No Disney pictures in this post. But I PROMISE The next post will be aaaaaaall about the fabulous Festival of Fantasy Parade, which was worth the wait. It was fantastic... and then some.

Oh and here's a shout-out to my own mommy, and a baby me, back in the Philippines.

I don't remember much of the Philippines, but I do remember the most important thing, family.
And here are some photos of what's been going on in our neck of the woods the past couple weeks. :)
  Today, Cam's Mother's Day present to me was to "organize" (in her own, hilarious way) her clothing. Sigh Cam....

  Yesterday, Cam and I were in my office and I was clearing away a bunch of things that should've been cleared out aaaaaaaaages ago. I had a small square of contact paper lying on my sewing desk (and the sewing machine was off). I turn around and guess what Cam had done?

She pulled the chair up, climbed up, and put the square of contact paper beneath the foot!!! I was like OMG!!!! I was shocked! Then I plop her into my lap, turn the machine on, and we sewed some straight lines on a scrap of fleece and she had such a good time. :) It was great. I yelled for Josh to come look at his baby girl, and he was just as pleased as I. It was amazing.

I just couldn't believe it when I saw her put the scrap of paper beneath the foot. Blew my mind. Lol.

She is so sweet. :)
And this was from today's Sewing adventure. :)
Awwww sleepy girl! The day they both napped at the same time... Lol.
The day I told Cam to put her toys back, and this is her way of cleaning up.... Lol.
Alice, you are such a cutie!

Outside adventures!

Cam.. you're so fierce.
The day Alice wouldn't let her sister nap. Lol.
The day Alice had fun at Target.
Alice is a free spirit.
Cam takes on yard work.
This is how you do it mom.
Lol that hair!!!
The day Bailey came over and we all built really cool block buildings.
Alice is always so unsure. Lol.
You know it's been a busy day if you see our shoes by the door.
Quit spying Cam!! No don't... do you see anything good? Lol.
Hello blogland!
Come inside our fort!
Rawwwwr I am Alice!
Bubbbllleeeeesss! Wheeee!

Cam and her Blue Ribbon Bunnnayyyy! (great now that song will be stuck in my head for another month straight)

Daddy is so fun!!!

Lol Alice is not so sure about Cam washing her hair for her.

 Mom stop taking pictures... it's embarrassing...

 Alice is in the phase where she aaaaaaaalways wants to take her shirts off! Um hello, this isn't Spring Break Miami!

 LOL THAT FACE. I love these girls. :)
P.s. our weather has been INSANE!!! We are on constant tornado watch, since tornados apparently love running through the Dallas area. It's thundering as I type, and the wind is crazy. I personally love this kind of weather... just as long as the tornados stay away from our house, then it's all good lol.


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