Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Cam!

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Belated Birthday post about her belated Birthday party!

We were pretty upset we had to spend her actual birthday on the road suffering a long long drive... but ya know what, as I've said, we turned lemons into lemonade and celebrated early at Disneyland. I don't think I would have changed that for anything. She had a LOT of fun. (so did Alice!)

I digress though, because we threw her a party anyway! 'Cause who doesn't want to throw a birthday party?! And I already bought decorations... lol. Well, this is me we're talking about, it's all about that paaaarty!

The theme this year for Cam's birthday? Lilo and Stitch of course! Which is one of her new favorite movies, as well as mine. Such a good movie with such a good moral. Even though we watched this movie probably one hundred times on the drive to and from Washington, it still remains one of our favorites. Lilo and Stitch is awesome.

Here are some of the pics from our Lilo and Stitch/Luau partaaaay! Happy birthday my love!

Oh when Josh brought home this giant Mickey balloon... guess who couldn't stop hugging and kissing him? Lol.
Okay maybe I had something to do with that. I kept telling her to kiss him! Lol. 

I loved that pineapple decoration! Lol. So festive. 
Mickey is so cool!
Baking cupcakes with Lilo and Stitch heeehee!
Cam the day of her party! Isn't she just adorable? I lucked out finding her dress last minute!

I looove this one! 

Kisses for Rapunzel! Yay!

Mr. Bubbles... Bubbles lol.
Love that Lilo and Stitch!

They got into the cupcakes before we lit the candle lol.

Then the kiddos had a blast kicking Mickey's butt lol. 

                   And I made Dole Whips and then Cam well, she couldn't resist.
Best present everrr!!

It was a fun luau party. :) 


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