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The trip, and boom! Disney Land!

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Bleh, I'm feeling yucky, sooooo I'm going to spend some time and knock some of the Disney Land pictures out before I go to bed. I originally wanted to post this earlier but then time got away from me and I had to get dinner started and then of course, the kids wouldn't allow me to do anything buuuut that's okay! 

I'm very thankful that we were able to stop there on the way home. I guess I should talk about the trip itself and all that. Honestly? It was a crappy trip, the drive wasn't fun for the girls; they were exhausted from the travel parts and in and out and yuckiness, and they loathe their car seats now lol. Every stop was dreadful, which is why we kept the stops to a minimum. I felt so horrible when we would stop for a break and then had to get back in the car and the girls would kick and fight their car seat straps. It really broke my heart. On our last day in Washington I was talking to my friend Lisa and I told her point blank that I just wanted to get home. I was tired. I missed HOME because home is so nice, and being anywhere for a long period of time (that isn't the Happiest Place on Earth) is just AWFUL with kids. They don't have the comforts and security of their own house, their own toys and things, hell, even the snacks and food that they are used to. You are worrying 100% of the time whether they're going to get into something. It just sucked! (Not that I wasn't happy to see my family, I very much was! And it took the girls awhile to warm up to people, but they did have a good time especially with their Uncle Derek.. Cam was so cute, she always wanted to be one of the guys! Lol.) 

It was good to see my family. Stressful, but good. We only had four days there and we left the night of our 4th day. Josh had to make sure he had enough time to get back in time to sign in, so there was not much time for anything else and we barely made it. That part was a little scary. Worth it, though.
So really, we are grateful to be home. And it was awful circumstances for which we went back to visit my family... and it was a sad, and beautiful Memorial for my grandmother. She will be missed. I do regret she didn't get to meet the girls... but I know she is looking out for them and at least she got to enjoy the photos of their adventures and was able to see them over Skype. Small comforts.

I'm relieved we were able to be there for my family in this time of need at all, and thinking back on it, I'm happy that the kids did do as well as they did on the trip (it sucked, and we are not doing that drive again not for anything, but they were good for the most part. It could've been a LOT worse). I'm also thankful we CAN do trips like this, and to Disney spontaneously without having much to worry about except getting Leave Time, because the girls sure as hell deserved to have some fun after a CRAZY, upsetting, long ass drive So thank you Cam and Alice for doing the best you possibly could, and thank you Josh for driving that hellish drive, and making sure your daughters and wife were comfortable and got some much needed lemonade out of a big bag of lemons.

So yes, on to Cam and Alice's (and ours, who are we kidding?) happy times at Disney Land. Thank you Josh for doing all you do and being the best father. Seriously, Father and Husband Of The Year Award goes to YOU because.. Disney World and Disney Land in the same year? Damn! My Facebook friends are jelly lol.

Also, this trip made both Josh and I really emotional. Cam opened up here a lot more. And I mean REALLY REALLY opened up. She was so excited to see the characters. She had to warm up to some of them, and some she didn't really know or recognize yet... but oh man, to see her face when she saw Woody from Toy Story she could hardly contain her excitement waiting in that line for him! And oh my God, when she saw... well, you'll see the pictures!

Okay for Goofy she was a wee bit nervous meeting LOL.  

Oh these beautiful girls of mine that don't ever look at the camera. Sigh. 
It was good to see Goofy on Main Street! :)  
Saw the Dapper Dans of Land, and some cough, drama, cough! 
These guys sang songs, which was cool, but they were no match for the Main Street Street USA Co. at Disney World.

Bad to the bone, duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh! B-b-b-b-baaaaaaad!
One thing Disney World didn't have inside their Magic Kingdom, was Toon Town!  The kids went CRAZY in Toon Town! It's basically a kids-ville. Playgrounds and tree houses, Mickey's House etc. Which is why I really truly believe that Disney Land is catered for the smaller folk-- toddlers and children, while World *does* cater to them too, and also has much more stuff for adults as well.

Toon Town also had... a ROLLER COASTER! Oh my God, me and Cam rode Gadget's Go Coaster.. IT WAS HILARIOUS! You know me, TERRIFIED of heights. So yes, I was absolutely petrified as this little kiddie coaster made its slow, high climb, and I held on to Cam soooo tightly. She was frozen the whole ride lol. While it may not be high enough to scare most adults, it's definitely high enough to scare children lol. She didn't cry though, she was just utterly.. wide eyed and very deer-in-headlights lol. It was so fun though! And they squirt you with water at the end of the ride, which she liked!

Awwww! Daddy checking his daughter. :)  
Okay, she's all ready to go!
Alice made a new friend... actually, she mostly scared him with her octopus hugs lol. 
Mom, this place is CRAZY!!!!

Sigh, she never looks at the camera when I want her to!! 

Oh my God Toon Town!!
Helllooooo anyone in there?
I love this tree, mom. Even trees here are magical!
Oh Tigger!


One of my favorites. :) 

This is my Tigger, dad.

It's okay Eeyore, you don't have to be so sad.


Another one of my favorites!!!
If you are wondering where Alice is, I had to take her out of the line because she was becoming Super Missy Crabby Pants and I wanted to let Josh and Cam have their moment here, and also avoid an Alice meltdown lol. :) 


Cam's so happy to just chill out in Pooh's big ol' bear arms! :) 

More later! It's late, eek!


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