Friday, June 19, 2015

Paint The Night!

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I have three words for you. Paint The Night.

It's the new Parade at Disneyland and it debuted in May of this year, so it was essentially, a brand new exhibit that we were lucky to get to see! The Disney Gods were smiling down upon us. Oh, and as we entered the gates, the Word of the Day was Alice! How cool was that?

Anyway... Paint The Night BLEW OUR FRIGGIN MINDS. We were absolutely amazed at this parade. It featured the song 'When Can I See You Again?' which is the same song they sing at the end of the Move It Shake It Parade at Disney World and I cannot cannot CANNOT recommend this Parade enough. I would have seriously regretted not seeing this parade, and I am sooo glad we decided to stick around late for the second showing.

It was astounding. Josh and I, and the kids, wow, we couldn't get enough of each float, and each glowing dancer and... oh my God, the glowing robot dancer dudes were FANTASTIC. They were Josh's favorite, I think they were mine too lol.

They were.. it was all... so MAGICAL. Oh my goodness, and the girls were starstruck. Cam was so soooo excited to see the Toy Story float that Buzz and Woody were on! I mean, my God, when you see these things in person and you're right there in the front, it is so mind blowing. Seriously! When we got back to our hotel we were tired but I was like... WHOA HOT DAMN! Lol.

Josh was like, wow, they really spared no expense with this parade! So true. It was whimsical, and a treat for your eyes and ears and... I get teary eyed just thinking back on it! It was truly the best parade we have ever seen. Hands down. It also makes me so emotional thinking back on how much the girls loved it and were blown away by all the floats, and lights, and dancers in all their Disney magical splendor. Thank freaking goodness for Disneyland and Disney World, for putting their all into things like that.

It truly is magic.

Here are some pictures!!!

Omg. These dancers and that music, freaking perfection!

Tinkerbell was literally flying around her float!


Omg and Monsters Inc with the changing doors!! 

This was so damn astounding in person.

Jessie from Toy Story! 

Cam loved this one!!! Buzz and Woody on Slinky Dog! Omg her face lit up like the floats! As soon as they rounded the corner and we heard Woody say, "Well howdy partner!" We knew there wouldn't be topping this one!

Lol and he said clever things as they passed.

Cam loved Belle!

Oh Cam and seeing Olaf... made me so so happy!




Oh my God and sorcerer Mickey!!! It was such a treat seeing him dancing to the music from up on his float. :) 

I want to cry just thinking about how fabulous this parade was. It was meant to be, we hadn't even waited that long and we had a front row seat and the parade music started everytime it approached our area. And the girls... oh the girls. Especially Cam, oh man. She was in love. 

Here's our video of bits of the parade! Unfortunately it's not a complete video as I was juggling two phones and the camera and some of the phones ran out of space. Grrr! I think it captures the essence of the Parade but I swear on my life, the video does not hold a candle to seeing it in the flesh. Wow. 

I will say Disney World is way better than Disneyland, but THIS parade was worth everything. Best parade we've seen!

That song is the best, best, best song to describe a trip to Disneyland and Disney World. 

When can we do this again?
I never want this to end!

I gotta knoooow when can we do this again?

Seriously Josh, WHEN!?!?!


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