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We've been too busy!

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Sorry there haven't been many updates. We've had too many things going on! Just seems like one thing after the other, phew! We've been having fun spending time with each other and playing with new toys and all that neat stuff! And chatting about our most recent trip to Disney World, of course lol. We had such a great time... sigh! We can't wait to go back. Probably not in 2016... but Josh really wants to go back in 2017! Haha! I was like hmm, well, we'll see! Lol. He's so cute.

The drive there was excellent and pretty easy! Like the first time around. It's a 16 hour trip, a teensy bit longer with gas stops and we usually stop for breakfast in the morning and that takes around a half an hour. It's nice that the girls just sleep right through the night so (to them) it only seems like a trip that takes a half day. Lol. Omg the ride was sooo comfortable. WE LOVE OUR HIGHLANDER!!!

Josh loves showing it off too, Lol. It's such a nice, comfortable car. I felt super safe too with all its safety features... ahhh and when we were driving through the city, the panoramic moon roof was soooooo awesome! It was even awesome having it open driving through rural towns because you could see the stars. :) I love that our car has the lane departure and the smart cruise control feature is BADASS. Josh used that a lot and it was so nice! You know what I LOVE about this car? It not only has the maps up on the screen so you can see every street you are on as you drive (even if you aren't using the GPS) but it will list the speed limit... it will also post the speed limit on your gas gauge screen. Ahhhh it's friggin amazing! Lol. I'm like how does it know?!!? We used the car GPS on this trip and it was also really really handy that it updated us on traffic updates and it always knew when we were going to hit something like construction!

There's like a hundred more reasons.. I can't think of them right now lol. It was just a comfy, comfy ride! The girls had plenty of space to themselves so that was nice too! I think the only downside was if they dropped something and couldn't reach, I had to reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaachhhhh back there, and with all that extra space there were times I just couldn't reach all the way lol.

Now..... the drive back? Yeesh! The weather was out to get us. As we were driving out of Disney World... boom! Pouring down rain. Disney World didn't want us to leave! Lol. Rain was literally coming down in angry sheets. That was a bit unnerving! Then we stopped I think Missouri or Missippi? One of those places... we hit terrible weather because... dun dun dun... a freaking tornado was loose! Lol. We holed up in a nearby IHOP to get some breakfast and our bearings and waited for the weather to let up. I was beyond freaked because our phones kept blaring the tornado warnings. I was just like... I WANNA BE HOME NOW. Lol. That kinda thing is not fun, especially when you have two little babies with you!

But we are home now, and we are so glad to be. We got home the 23rd and went to bed pretty much immediately. We got home like... 7:30ish. Close to 8. We were pooped! The kids were already down, so it was definitely meant to be, haha. Then the 24th! CHRISTMAS EVE! YAY! We baked cookies for Santa, wrapped up some extra presents, set out the goodies for Santa and awaited his arrival...

Ahaaaaaaaa! Then Christmas! It was fun, magical, and the kids got a kick out of their presents. They had so much fun in that jeep... they never wanted to leave it. Especially Alice.... Lol.

Gotta love Santa!!!
I feel relieved. Because after this, we know we can just sit down and relax and just be. Our CRAZY month of December is nearing to an end. I am so sad that the Christmas season seems to go by so fast (especially since we spent a week of it at Disney and in Disney time FLIES!!!). I just love everything about Christmas; yes I am relieved to start a new year, a clean slate, and all that. But siiiiiiiiighhhhh. I love the warmth and togetherness and love and Christmas carols! And egg nog! And cocoa! And.. yes, presents! Haha. Well... there's always next year!

The kids... oh man. They love their new toys, and not just the jeep. In fact, Cam and Alice tend to fight over two particular toys. Sometimes they will play nicely... sometimes they don't lol.

They see me rollin, they hatin! LOL.
Check out Josh's Jack Skellington pants... he loves them! He's been living in them since Christmas... lol.

Yup that's toy #1 that they fight over... the Thomas train loop de loop thing lol.

(poor Cam had a stocking mishap trying to take it down by herself! :( that's why she has the little wound by her eye!) :(

Cam was so excited! She was flipping out lol.
Giant tsum tsum, oh my god!!
LOL Josh loved his "Mystery Date" game!
And his Bob's Burger's "Butts" shirt!!!! HAhahahah!!!!
Oh my god, it's a horsie!!! Lol.
 This kid made out like a bandit. She has so many tsum tsums! They stuffed her stocking, were in her santa sack, and... they're just everywhere! We went to Target the other day, too, and apart from Josh and I going crazy over the clearance on wrapping paper (we can't resist!!! lol) guess what else we ran into...
Yup.... Cam left the store with another bundle full. Lol. You know, I don't even feel bad that she gets so many because you know what.. she truly does enjoy them! There is at least one with her at all times! She just really really loves them! Both of them do. Alice does the "achoo!" sneezing with them too.... lol. It's just so cute how they play with them... I mean, if Cam is feeling generous. Usually they are all hers lol.

                                                 More from Christmas day. :)

Omg!! great minds!! Josh and I got each other the SAME EXACT thing for Christmas. LOL.
we laughed so hard!
This is all mine, right?!
Get in the passenger seat where you belong, sister!!

Tsum Tsums, check!
Lol my sister and Derek got us a funny gift, a "scalp massager" it's so tingly and weird! Alice loves it lol.
Is Alice's favorite present the box? Lol.

LOL I love her crazy hair!!! She's getting cozy in her jeep with her tsum tsums!

She's getting really cozy lol.

What'd you get Alice?!

Josh was teaching Cam to play the PS4! Haha,
Sigh... I wish she would keep her hair up like this! Sooo cute!!
So those are some of our pictures from Christmas!!! We have some more buuuuuut I want to get to the DISNEYYYYYYY pics!!! Lol. And my laptop finally finished updating so now... maybe... I can get to them! Heehee...

Ah... our first day, the 18th, we hit up our favorite: Magic Kingdom... 

 Our first day was actually the Christmas party night because it was the very last day the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party would take place, so I'm INCREDIBLY thankful that Josh was able to sign out a day early so we could get there earlier. It would have been awful to stay all day and night there the same day we rode into Florida! I knew that wouldn't have worked out so well!

That wonderful, amazing first day... we met up with... Chip N Dale...

Ah... Frontierland... we know this is where Chip N Dale are out and about!
Waiting in line!! Oh she couldn't wait!

OH MY!!!!!!!!

She loves them so much. :)

Oh Dale, and Chip, you are my favorite!
Oh, something very hilarious happened...
Here is where Dale points at Josh's shirt.
Uh oh... he's wearing Donald Duck...
He puts his hand over his nose and waves his other hand like P-U! Stinky!
LOL. Omg... we laughed so much!!!
And here's where they try to force Josh/Donald out of the picture! LOL.
And Cam... Lol all she wanted to do was be picked up!
Sorry Josh/Donald! LOL.
With Josh out of the way, Dale also kissed my hand haha!!!
They are soooooooooo fun!!

We got to do so much that first day! We were in the parks bright and early, it was off and on raining, and the weather was fabulous. I personally loved the weather. We were there so early that the monorail wasn't even open yet! So we hopped the boat and sailed right over to the Magic Kingdom. Cam and Josh went upstairs and watched as we got closer and closer to Cinderella Castle while Alice and I hunkered down on the main floor and watched the waves lap... it was nice and serene, a perfect start to the day! Best part is the boat wasn't even that crowded. Opening/early morning is DEFINITELY the time to get to the parks!!

Then as we stepped off the boat it started raining slightly. We ran to the nearest gift shop and Josh got some parkas... the kids would NOT wear them at all... so that was a bust, so we weaved in and out of shops until the rain let up a bit and that's when we had the best fun! We hit up so many rides. Peter Pan, It's a Small World (Josh's favorite... kids love it too!), and Dumbo, and the Barnstormer, the Ariel ride.. oh man, and so much more! Josh took Cam on a ride while Alice and I perused the Big Top gift shop. I found her the perfect Donald hat to go with her sailor dress because we were going to Chef Mickey's later and I wanted her dressed up as Donald!

Her outfit was SOOO CUTE! Of course, Cam was Minnie Mouse, too. :)

So about 45 min before our reservation, we hopped the monorail and hit up the Contemporary Resort aaaaand voila! We were at Chef Mickey's. A bit early for our dining reservation... we checked out the gift shops and also, the arcade first! It's nice that everything is all on the one floor so we didn't have to worry too much about time.

The kids loooove that little arcade too... we had to drag Alice kicking and screaming out of there lol. That one's definitely got my attitude...

We met Pluto, yippeee!

Omg Alice... Lol. Unfortunately.... she cried and cried like that until we got to sit down and fill her sippy cup with milk!
At least Cam was chipper!

Then we had a yummy buffet breakfast... and the kids got spoiled with some birthday cupcakes! Mmmm!
Also... we saw the fab five! Yay!!

Then we saw Minnie!! Yay!!!

Yay Minnie!!!!

  LOL she was a little bit preoccupied... whoops!

 It's okay Alice, no need to be scared!

AWWWW Alice is so cute with her Donald Duck hat and sailor dress!!!

 How cute is that!?!? :)

 When she finally noticed Donald she was all over him, lol!

 Well... for a little while... she went back to her food cause she was HUNGRY!
And who could deny a birthday cupcake? Lol.

 Mmmmm cupcake!


 AWW a big SMOOCH for Goofy!!!
Awww what's wrong Cam, is he a bad kisser? Lol.

Holy moly... it's already 11:30 and I started this post at 8 pm! Just goes to show how much time goes into this, especially getting all the right pictures into the right folders, uploading, and sorting them out! Hopefully this post can tide you over for awhile while I get to sorting the rest of them out.

This barely breaks the surface of what our first day was like, so stay tuned! We still have the Christmas party and AMAZING CHRISTMAS PARADE to cover!!! Yippeee!!!

Disney World for LIFE!!!


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