Monday, February 11, 2013

Caught in the Rain!

Posted by ChristineElaine at 11:49 AM
While out and about running a couple errands with Camilla, guess what happens.


This being this state and all, why the heck would I have an umbrella? I never even had one when in Washington! Whenever my mom told me to take an umbrella, I scoffed, since you know, that's what hoodies are for! Plus it's Washington. And I liked the rain.

Weeeeeellll. At the Post Office, carrying a baby, totally different situation! There was a frenzying torrential rain that started up shortly after I finished mailing a few items... and of course it starts right as we're about to step outside.

I covered up Camilla as best as I could (which really, wasn't covered at all) I had one hand on her head as a poor excuse for covering (lol) and practially flew to the car, stomping in puddles and getting my boots soaked in the process.

PHEW! Camilla definitely looked disturbed, and I think because I was laughing and giggling (because of her facial expressions) she didn't freak out. She just looked... confused... and sleepy. She sure took her first rainstorm like a champ. What a good lady! I wanted to go thrifting but I think that concludes our adventures for the day. Lol.

Edit: When we were getting ready to go out, I knew I knew I KNEW I should've put her purple hat on. Listen to that little voice inside you because they know what they're talkin' about! That hat would've helped. Lol.

Poor wet Cammy! Lol.

When we got home, she immediately fell asleep.
I'm so glad she didn't panic or freak out. I would have felt so terrible! Oh well, sometimes you just gotta laugh. She had a good time today - especially at the post office. She always charms everyone behind us in the line, and when one of the workers was helping me with their new package machine (I guess you can now send packages by yourself? Weird!) she kept grabbing his sleeve and patting him. Lol. What a silly girl!

Here are some more cute pics from the last couple days. :)

Think twice before you take something away from her lol. In this case, she stole my phone!

Mobile girl!
Oh! Camilla also fed Desoto for the first time -- a treat! Although... she wanted to taste it too. Lol. He was very nice and patient. When she wouldn't give it up, he resorted to licking it like a lollipop. LOL.


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