Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

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Going to make this a fast one because I am beat... Happy Valentines Day everyone! What did we do? Well, not much. Josh was in the field the past couple days where he got very little sleep, so when he got home late tonight, we were both pretty tired and just wanted to relax. I made some pot roast in the slow cooker so that was stewing all day long, and boy was it delicious! I also made some big pink cupcakes with conversation heart toppers, and some Russian tea cookies! So we got to eat some yummy food and treats for our V-Day. :)

Camilla has been constantly pulling herself up onto things! This little lady of ours is just always on the go! I put a large cupcake in front of her for a cute photo op moment, and it was quite funny just watching her look at the cupcake like huh? What the heck is that? Then she played with the frosting. Lol. Soooo cute.

Since Josh wasn't here, I had to go to the Post Office every day lol (since I have him do drop offs or send the international mail inside) so me and Cam got to go visit with people, and everyone just loves the heck out of her. But who wouldn't, she's a real cute lady!

Anyway, here are some photos! Gosh, our photo stash just keeps growing! Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

Help!! I'm in jail!!

Come back lady! We're not finished with pictures!

Valentines Day... lol.

Lately, she's been having so much fun crawling all over me.

And she puts on that great big smirk when she grabs my hair and pulls and tries to rip my hair out lol.

So giggly towards mommy.


I love these two together!!!

Funny note... I saw those hilarious dictator Valentines on my FB page, and I thought Josh would think they were really funny so I printed them out and made a garland out of them and strung it on his computer monitor. LOL. Who doesn't love getting romantic dictators on Valentines Day? (Sorry if it offends anyone, it really is just a joke! And he laughed so much when he got home!!)


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