Monday, February 25, 2013


Posted by ChristineElaine at 4:20 PM
I've wanted to do this post for awhile, but haven't had the time to go through my back-in-the-day photos. Unfortunately, there aren't many baby pics of me, so eh! This'll hafta do. :)


(in the Philippines)

                                                                                                                                        Mmmm.. toes!

Haha, Josh is sooooo adorable. And he has hair! Me... not so much and I can't stop laughing at my mom's 80's hair. Is Camilla gonna look back at pictures of me and laugh at my hair/style too? :) Lol. I think as for the battle on whose hair Camilla gets, that's still up in the air. So who knows! :) She is sooooooooo gorgeous! I especially love the middle picture. :) I made that headband too! It was a quick do-it-now-or-never job but eh! She rocks it. <3

Well, was gonna make this a fast post and Camilla is already demanding my attention. Look how adorable she is, and how adorable we were once upon a time! LOL. WE LOVE YOU ALL!! MWAH!!!

P.s. GEEZEEEEE!! It is WINDY today. It's been blowing nonstop all day long. 


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