Saturday, February 23, 2013

No cool blog titles come to mind...

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Hello, friends and family! I couldn't think of a cool blog post title, and sometimes I think that's half the battle of this blog-posting world. Sorry about the lack of updating... we have been SO busy. With a lot of stuff. Plus we've been buckling down on things that needed doing! I also have a few different ventures I'm plundering... so... yeah, definitely busy!

But let's focus on Camilla first... she is constantly on the go! If you set her down, she's race-crawling to whatever interests her the most! It can be very tough getting anything done when we're by ourselves, but I try to play with her and occupy her mind as often as I can and do the other stuff when she's asleep, or if she's really engrossed in something (like her lappup, her singing pup, or her ringing telephone.) Sometimes she'll be really fascinated with her books... which I love, I can't wait until she's old enough to take frequent trips to the library! As a kid, we went every Saturday and I'd literally check out 10 books and it was my favorite thing to do as a kid haha. I'm excited for that!

Anyway, that's why I'm so thankful that Josh is really hands on when he's here on the weekends. I can do store stuff, clean up, actually cook something (sometimes, lol) and etc. He's gone this weekend though (boohoo!) and he should be home by Monday evening, or Tuesday at the latest. Ah well, such is life. It does totally suck, but I'm proud of him for doing what he has to do, and we're biding our time with toys and work. :) Camilla is definitely a mommy's girl, but there are times when she really wants her daddy. :) And he is an amazing father! I know for a fact (since I'm a girl) that she's going to get pretty annoyed with his over protective-ness, but hey, what dad isn't? Lol.

Speaking of work... the shop has been pretty crazy the past couple of days. I post every item that's in my store on and a couple of my items have made the front page, and that's where 90% of my sales come from, so if and when I get noticed on there, it means big business. I'm so thankful for that website, and so thankful for everything! With what I'm bringing in and (this venture my friend offered me that I'll explain later) Josh and I finally sat down and literally drew up a budget (it took a couple hours and lots of talking lol) and we figured out financial goals, and in general, budgeted all our money out so we could put plenty away in savings for each check. It should have happened a long time ago, but Josh is more of the spender and I didn't want to be naggy or strict, even though I am (about money lol)... but we've finally done it! I also opened up a savings account for Miss Camilla, another checking account that all the biz money will go into, and etc. GOSH. It's so much to keep track of... but we can do it!! I'm not really sure how to go about handling taxes for a business either, but I probably should start doing that since I'm making more now than when I first started. But I dunno! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! *deep breath* I'm excited for the future (financial-wise) because we're actually being serious and set goals and... I feel more grown up! Haha. That's so weird to say since I have a baby and duh, I am a grown up. It just feels good, I guess. :)

Oh! My friend from high school (and we worked together at a restaurant) is a big online entrepreneur and he's going to start a woman's blog/woman's site type thing. Anyway, he hired me as a head writer and (for now it's freelance) but basically I'd be writing articles now and then and/or blog posts and rewriting PLR articles... it sounds like a really awesome gig, and it's completely freelance at the moment so it's not something I would have to focus a lot of time on. He also owns a couple other twitter-style sites that I'm being paid to make microblog posts! It's pretty awesome and I'm excited for it! But... he explained to me what PLR articles are (private label rights) and basically, it's a great way to earn passive income. It makes me want to start my own PLR companty, but this blog post is already getting really long winded about ME so I'll shut up now. I'll explain what PLR is perhaps in the next blog... I guess I'm just way too excited about our future adventures and what's in store for our family!!! Josh is really excited too, and he's loving all of this LOL.  I am too. If we stick to our goals, the future looks really bright. Here's hoping!!!

Anyway... cough cough! More on CAMILLA!!!! She is pulling herself up onto everything! She really just wants to stand up alllllll the time. Which makes me nervous, because 80% of our flooring is.. hard! Haha. Josh went out and got a rug (because our last one seems to have disappeared?!) and Cam's in the living room most of the time, so we put the rug there and so far so good lol. She has her 9 month wellness checkup next month... if I could ever get through and make a damn appointment! Well, it's not getting through that's the problem. They keep sending us "reminders" in the mail but every time I call they're like, "Oh, it's too early to make an appointment that far in advance." Then stop wasting trees and sending us notices! Lol. Sheesh! She seems to be more tired of her bottle but she is still really crazy about breastfeeding. If I'm sitting down with her she'll chomp at my chest and I'm like... GEEEEEEZE LADY! I'm sittin' here! Haha. It's embarrassing... good thing Josh is the only one that's seen it.  She loves her avocados though, and banana. :) Those are definitely her two favorites. Camilla is crazy about her toys! She gets into obsessive bursts with different ones now and again. She currently LOVES the tea set Josh got her for Christmas... and it really is so adorable when she plays with it. It sings songs and she can open and shut the lid (she loves opening and shutting things haha) and it came with a cute little tray with three cakes that she can play with. It's very veeeeery cute watching her play with the little cakes and tray! My word, she is just such a darling. <3 (and Josh is soooo happy that she loves playing with it.. it really makes his day when she plays with her tea set!)

Ah well... picture time! We love you all and thanks for reading! It's always nice to just type away and let all your thoughts seep out onto a blog. :) OH Grandpa Frank/Dad! Thank you for the V-day cards! They were super cute and we'll definitely buy a big box of chocolates -- haha! I took a picture of Camilla holding hers but I accidentally deleted it. :( But don't worry, we'll put that $40 to good use on something for her! LOVE YOU and MISS YOU!!!

Love everyone too! Be safe and stay wonderful, family and friends!!


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