Monday, April 6, 2015

Cheshire Cafe, Break time, and more!

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Alice with the Alice in Wonderland backdrop. :)

                           She didn't want to stand up there by herself lol. Come on Ali!

                      The crowds really sucked the last half of our trip, because of Spring Break. EVERRRYYYBODY was there. Yikes!! This line was just for the monorail, and they come like every other minute!

Lol both Cam and Alice's face crack me up. Cam is like, okay I'm on bord now. WHEE! And Alice is like, what the heeellll are these guys?!
(Tweedledee and Tweedledum loved my shirt, score!!)
                                                      Though.... Alice liked Mr. Rabbit. :)

You can do a lot at Disney World, and as you can imagine, activities and the hot sun gets tiring. So frequent breaks-- especially with two little ones-- are a must!

I thought I wouldn't like the breaks, but boy were they necessary! And you know what, they weren't bad. It was fine and dandy sitting back with a cold drink, or a snack, while the kids napped or colored. Especially with that view of Cinderella's castle!

The people watching was fun and interesting, the conversations with random people were cool, too (especially when they thought our girls were cute and charming! Lol) and even more hilarious when Cam or Alice found someone cute and charming and wanted to hang out with them. Cam found a couple teenage boys and their french fries that she was mighty interested in, and a very cute Asian couple that she was showing off for. It was hilarious!

LOL A for effort.

This dress is FANCY!

She kept scootching over, but was also trying not to look at them so it wasn't obvious. LOL.
Oh hello sirs, I see you enjoy french fries too...
I am princess Cam and I declare there to be a fry tax!
Lol they were good sports about her attentions.

And her jumping. She's a thrill seeker! Not like Alice... or mommy lol.

              Adorable little Alice was also charming people as we waited for the next parade!
                       She also charmed the hell out of a lot of the character handlers! Lol.

So pretty.... sigh!


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