Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Belated Easter... (time for a wee Disney break)

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Easter was a rainy, cold, and dark day so we did the usual egg hunt, Easter baskets, and family time. I was a bit bummed because I wanted to take the girls out in the blue bonnet fields for nice pictures, but the weather wasn't nice! Texas just likes to keep raising that middle finger to me I guess... never gives me good weather when I need it! Lol.

Everyone here is crazy for blue bonnets (Texas state flower and all). I kept hearing about "perfect blue bonnet fields" for photos and I was like, WHERE?! I WANT IN. I WANT CUTE PICTURES TOO!! 

The weather here has just been insane. It's been very rainy and out of character. A couple nights ago we had a very crazy thunder-lightning-hail-rain storm too, which was cool. But I was hellbent on getting these pictures. I thought Cam and Alice's dresses were so damn cute this year and it would be another perfect thing to use the fancy camera for. I was obsessed with finally getting a nice sunny day and waiting for 'magic hour' on that said day.

Pictures are a thousand times better during magic hour... when the golden light hits as the sun is close to setting. It's... magical. Not as magical as say, Disney, but the girls had fun and I thought it was a very cool photo session!

So yes, these pictures were originally supposed to be taken for Easter but shhhhhhhhh. No one needs to know. *wink*

All the flowers, would have very extra special powers. They would sit and talk to me for hours...
All the flowers, would have very extra special powers. They would sit and talk to me for hours...

Stop embarrassing me, Alice.
Can I stop posing now Dad?
Sun child!
She loved her parasol!
It was also a little bit windy. :)
LOL. At first she very upset having to stand in a bunch of flowers. I was like oh my gosh Alice, are you scared of flowers?
Behind the scenes. :) Lol Alice.

Sister, you need to relax.
Are you done taking pictures yet guys?
I will be blown away! Wheeee!
Studying her find lol.

She was so done lol.

Come on sister, this way! #sisters
Close up. :)


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