Thursday, April 16, 2015

We Let It Goooooo!

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On our last day at Disney, we chose to spend it inside Magic Kingdom. Duh, of course! I believe that is Josh's favorite park. Mine too, for obvious reasons (hello, Cinderella's castle and it's the most magical!!!) but I feel like while he really enjoyed the other parks, none of them quite compared to MK.We both really enjoyed Hollywood Studios though, it was a wee bit more laid back. What we saw of Epcot he wasn't a huge fan of but I really think that's a place best experienced without kids (hello, drinking and eating around the world! Lol.) But I digress...

It was awesome. All of it. I was so sad on our last day. I knew it wouldn't be our last time ever at Disney World, because we want to visit often, but I was sad because it meant our vacation was coming to a close. We were tired, though, but it was so so sad driving away. I am so thankful for even being given the opportunity to go, and mega super crazy thankful for Josh, and I love how his appreciation and love for Disney runs deep like mine. He's the best for doing this for us, and even moreso for wanting to come back and rekindle old memories as well as make new memories for the girls. :)

I still show Cam photos from our trip. And she gets this look on her face like... she's happy, she'll smile. She'll name some of the princesses, like Ariel, or Belle. And it's like she remembers. :) I love that girl.

I'm rambling! I was sooooooooooo excited to meet Anna and Elsa. Hell, we all were. Josh DEFINITELY was lol. I was like, go get a selfie with Elsa!!! I think he was too nervous. *wink* 

Alice really liked Anna! For once she was not terrified of a character lol. She even hugged her!
It's Anna!
It's Anna's "Nose?" Lol.
You know it's crazy...
We finish each other's--

No need to look so bored Cam, we'll go see Elsa in a sec!
Whoops, Alice, your diaper is... trying to escape.
Lol at this point Cam was like screw this, I wanna see Elsa!
Omg going to Elsa!!!

Cool book in the room!
Oh my God, you're ELSA!!!
That is a perfect Elsa, if I do say so.
Oh they did not like having to freeze for this pose.
                          They wanted to be all over her lol.
Cam could barely take her eyes off of her lol.
Comparing dresses?
Elsa, I love to sing your song. I can hit all the high notes! (lololol I love that she tries)
Sigh. Can you believe this cuteness?

You know who else Cam couldn't take her eyes off of?
(but who could?!)


The Muscles, guys!
Here she is poking around his chest hair lol...
He said something like "doesn't matter the age, they all love me! As you can see here."

Dad, this guy has got some serious chest hair!
LOL at Gaston's face!

Selfie time!!
I LOOOVE this one.

Gaston and his Tavern were very busy. He's a very popular guy lol.
My what a guy! Gaston!




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