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The amazing Chip and Dale...

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I don't remember if I shared this photo-- I'm pretty sure I did? BUT just to make sure...

My mom, my sis, and me at Disneyland... about a thousand years ago. lol.

I've always loved this photo!!! And this is why Chip and Dale are hugely nostalgic for me, and were my favorites to find at Disney World. :) I did a LOT of research on this trip. A lot lot lot. Josh liked to poke fun at me with how much I planned and read up on stuff, but it's really not a trip you can "take a whim" at. I mean, you could if you were local... this had to count, though!  I really wanted us to experience a lot! 

That said, everything I read said that Chip and Dale were rare to find. I found this piece of information to be absolutely NOT true. They're in the parades, particularly the Move It Shake It parade, and they hang out in Frontier Land a lot. They also have a Campfire story thing they do but we didn't attend that. They also do character dinings as well, I believe.

But they were often around INSIDE the park, which is what I was hoping for.|
I'm so glad these guys were easy to find. I was also SO emotional when we saw them FIRST. Because they were Cam and Alice's firsts at Disney World... and that made me a weepy mommy! Lol. I was so happy that we had spotted them first thing, on that first day, and it will forever be ingrained in my memory.


And Cam loved them. She just loved them. (Alice took a lot of convincing lol.)

She loved them so much, that when the dance party street parade came around the next time we were at Magic Kingdom... we ventured forth into the crowd of fun dance-y good times, and lo and behold, Cam spots Chip as he's walking around. And she walksright up to him.

(This is one of my favorite stories...) Cam led the way. As she got closer, she got more nervous. She stopped a bit... held out a hand... but, problem. He had his back turned to her. He couldn't see her, however, his handler (All characters will have a handler with them to guide them around, keep things orderly, etc) and she taps Chip on the shoulder. She says "Chip!" He turns around.

Chip sees Cam, and it is love at first sight all over again.

He lowered himself down.

And she ran right into his arms.

Which resulted in these photos (and a little video):

She was so happy, she giggled and giggled, and she'd put her hands up over her mouth like she just could not believe that she was seeing him again.

He did the same! He put his hands over his mouth in shock and awe!

And that folks, is the magic of Disney for you.

Alice and Josh also had their run in with Chip and Dale! (mostly Chip) During the dance parade...

Oh Alice... he's nice! Lol.

Well, okay, I guess he's cool... do you notice Josh's shirt? Everyone LOVED it!
Especially Chip and Dale, they pointed it out to him. :)
You are one giant chipmunk, sir!
Okay dad, I'm scared again.

That magic sure is something. :)

And now I have all the more reason to say my Chip and Dale Christmas ornament is my forever-favorite ornament.


OH! I found a video of the parade we most often frequented-- the dance parade of course! It's called "The Move It Shake It Dance It Play It, Street Party" and it is amazing. It's a long video... but it is everything. Lol.

The music is already making me so nostalgic! It is also, sooooooo much more impressive in person. The floats, the characters, the dancers on stilts, everything is so in your face and larger than life and... magical. Just magical. 

Can't wait to go back!!! 

Here's a personal video. PARTY IT UP! :)


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