Sunday, April 26, 2015

Insomnia = update!

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Pretty little one!
Me and Alice selfie!
Showing off our muscles at Gaston's Tavern!
Another edited Chip pic. :)
Look at that handsome man and cute little baby! :)
We met Belle again at our Akershus dinner reservation at Epcot! It was a beautiful night. The fireworks were AMAZING. So gorgeous over the water! It was breathtaking!

While we were waiting for our reservation, we took a break by the waterfall and the girls had a lot of fun exploring and Alice in particular, loved running around!

*knock knock*
Do you wanna build a snowman?

Dad, I'm tired. We almost canceled this reservation since it was at 8:00 pm and the girls bedtime is at 7! Lol but they got used to staying up... sort of. They got pretty tired, but hung in there while mommy and daddy indulged in Disney fun!
Alice runs from mommy...
Can't catch me mom!
Mommy will never find me here!
If I don't look at mommy she can't see me!
Me and Alice found a troll! She was scared lol.

Alice and Princess Aurora!!!

Cinderella was fantastic at the dinner. :)

Snow White!!!
Cam, quit trying to cop feels!

Alice was scared of Ariel lol.

Stay tuned for more!


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