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Ahhhh we are experiencing Disney magic once again!

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Oy, where do I start? We are in Disney World again and I really can't believe it. Josh spoils us so much. I don't even know what to say besides the following--- wow!

Are we having fun? YES!!!!!!!!!

Is it crowded? Not as bad as we were made to believe. I was really freaked out about crowds... but the first day? BARELY crowded! It felt like no one was in the parks. For at least half the day. We literally rode like ten rides before the afternoon. We rode Dumbo once each, Cam went on the Barnstormer (a kid rollercoaster... TWICE! Once with me and once with Josh) she LOVED it lol. We rode It's A Small World (one of Josh's faves... we hit that first thing) we rode Peter Pan's Flight which is fun for us and scary for the kids... oh my god we rode so many things! Oh we hit up the Ariel ride twice! Gosh, it was amazing.

It was rainy, but not bad. I was like... this is NOTHING to us Washington freaks! Lol. Bring it on!

We loved it. And you know what... Chip N Dale NEVER disappoint. Guess how many times we've seen them since we've been here... THREE TIMES. I mean, four, if you count the Move It Shake It Parade.

Our girls LOVE Them. They adore them... so much. They are such great characters to see and interact with and we dressed up the girls in some Chip N Dale tutus and they were a HUGE HIT. With everyone, it was soooooooooooooooo darn cute watching them run around just like the real Chip N Dale in their little tutus!!!! Josh was like wow, that was a good idea! Lol. I didn't realize how much of a success they would be... but Chip N Dale really made a spectacle out of their outfits, and so did the photopass photographers! Even the other guests would compliment or comment on their outfits lol. It was so neat! I guess you don't usually see a lot of Chip N Dale tutus running around!

Today we went to Epcot and we decided to go stand in line to see them, as the line wasn't too long yet. So we got the girls in their tutus and when we were at the front, the line attendaant saw the girls and gasped and was like "Oh my gosh, those tutus! I can't! They even have a tail, and look at their noses!" LOLLLLLL. If we got that reaction from her... I thought to myself, I can't wait to see the reaction from Chip N Dale!!

This will forever live in my memory. Epcot's Chip N Dale... you rock!!!

Oh my God!!! Chip, it's you again!!!

Oh my God it's Dale, too!!

I can't believe you are real!!
(Here it's their third time seeing them... but isn't it awesome that they react like this every single time?! Later on we had a lunch with them, too Lol which would make it fourth so far! Yikes!)

Cam is super jealous as Alice gives Dale a kiss! Lol!

Dale is bashful about the kiss! Lol.

Awwwwwwwww big hugs for Alice! With her red Dale nose!

She just LOVES Them!!

Dale engulfs Alice in a hug, Cam tries to get Dale's attention, and Chip tries to get Cam's attention by wiggling her tail! Lol.

I'm back Chip!!!!

Look at that Cam, in a big ol bear hug. :) Or chipmunk hug, rather lol.

She never wanted that hug to end!!

The photopass guys and the line attendant were all smiles and giggles. They were like "Oh we got so many good ones for you!" I can't wait to see the photos they took! It was so fun because they were all excited to see Chip N Dale meeting the Chip N Dale-ettes Lol.

Alice has to give Chip some love too! :)

Sigh.... it's magic. It really is.

Cam is perfectly comfortable... lol.

They didn't want to leave them! Le sigh... it's okay girls, I didn't either. Later on, we also had lunch with Chip N Dale at The Garden Grill. It was a really cool, (slow) moving restaurant that circled around/through one of the Epcot rides called Living With The Land. (Oh my gosh and earlier we rode (Spaceship Earth.. which is inside the GIANT grey sphere that has become the Epcot monument) THAT RIDE WAS AWESOME!!!

But... more on that later. Especially the lunch cause the girls had a blast there, too lol. And at the end of the lunch... Alice got delivered a Happy Birthday card from Mickey, Pluto, Chip N Dale! At the end of the day.... we had another Birthday Card delivered to our room from Mickey Mouse! Gosh, that girl will have so many fun souvenirs, mementos, and memories (in picture form anyway!) of all this amazing-ness!

Stay tuned!!!


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