Thursday, December 10, 2015

OH MY GODDD!!!! We got a Highlander!!!

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Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I'm still squealing about it. Today has been a long day. Lots of back and forth phone calls from Josh, who went to go get the job done. Job being, buying a car. Lol.

The Toyota Highlander (V6 AWD Limited Platinum) was at the top of our list... and since a couple days ago, we had decided that this is definitely going to be the vehicle for us. It was so roomy, so luxurious, so... amazing!

The question was, did we want to spring for the Limited Platinum? I think I would have been fine with the XLE-- it did come with leather and captains chairs and such...  BUT. And a big but. The Platinum had extra features we couldn't ignore like... it has ALL the safety features like sensors for detecting cars and pedestrians etc, the cruise control thing, lane departure and blind spot sensors, and the list goes on. PLUS THE PANORAMIC MOON ROOF IS AMAZING!!!

Lol. The salesman delivered the car to our home and when I got the call I was like JOSH HE'S ON HIS WAY GET HOME! Josh had taken Alice to a Christmas party at work (where she had a blast hugging everyone Lol) and Cam stayed home with me because she actually took a nap, and slept for a looong time-- plus I had to stay home and wait for the car since I wasn't sure when it was coming!

Anyway, when the car pulled up into our driveway I was like... DAMN. That looks GOOD.

I wish they had delivered in the day so I could get a better picture!!
I wasn't sure if I'd like black! Lol. Or the grey interior. I really would have preferred a darker interior... which is okay, because that was a huge bargaining chip in getting this car at a good price. The day before I also had called a few dealerships in the area to try and get the price point we wanted. When I had two dealerships on the line with a bite, Josh went to the dealership we actually wanted to buy from with the info and price quotes I had gotten from other dealerships. And believe me, I lowballed like crazy, and I pushed, and pushed, and was a huge bitch. I was being a picky bitch on the phone, too, and I think that really helped them sell us at ALMOST 5k under MSRP. It was like, 4800. And about 2500 under fair market value! Haha, which is funny because I called the Killeen dealership and said "Look, Austin is quoting me this much .Waco too. What are you going to quote me?"

And they responded, "You're not going to get 5,000 under MSRP for this car."

I was like, "Alright. Bye!"

Maybe we didn't get a full 5,000. But we sure as hell got close enough! Josh even said having me on the phone was a good thing because it made it appear like "Well, I want to buy the car but my wife isn't happy. So I won't." and when the wife isn't happy... they don't get the sale. Haha!

We are happy!!!! It's so beautiful!!!!

I said to Josh just now: "I hope you don't have buyer's remorse..." and he said, "You know what I thought I might, because it's certainly not cheap, but... I don't. I'm really happy with this car."

It will be an amazing family car. :)

Seriously... it's such a nice, COMFORTABLE car. And luxurious! Lol. He was like, I'm looking forward to the Disney drive!!! Oh my goodness... I am too. I am too!

So now we are the official owners of the 2016 Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum. :) We turned lemons into lemonade!

The panoramic moon roof is so amazing!!!

Guys, this car is crazy!!!

So much ROOOM!!!

I LOVE the glowy blue illumination entry lights!! Oh it's so pretty!
It's sooo nice on the inside! Damn!!
The moon roof is so big it is practically the whole ceiling lol.
                                                  Cam is so amazed and impressed Lol!

Isn't it so pretty?! :) 
I love you car. I mean, I love you Josh! I love you everybody!!! Lol. Most importantly... I am no longer a caged bird. We can get outta the house and DO stuff and see other, real humans!

And here are some other photos from our past week inside prison. I mean, staying at home.

Alice in her Tinkerbell nightie lol. 
Hello Cam-a-lam-a-ding-dong! Lol. 

Mommy's being so funny. Lol.
MOOOM she's not sharing the chair!
Lol I love her eyes!
And she's all ready to meet Jack, maybe! She will probably be too scared of him lol. 
Cam the model!
Oh, she loves her little guys.

I said to Josh "Aren't these deer so cute?!?!?!"
He's like Um, sure? LOL.
Excuse me for being super excited about getting these deer for $1.50 from the thrift store. I spray painted them white because they were a really ugly bronzey brown. I thought white was more Christmassy, obviously! Now I just need some candlesticks for them!
Well I LOVE them Josh, so there! Lol. Not too shabby for a DIY quick holiday fix! 

Dear Santa... what is the trade in value of a little sister? She drives me crazy...

If I can't get 500 tsum tsums for her, at least put her on the Naughty list.
Camilla Blake

Lol she loves to take selfies.

Cam loves to put her tsum tsums all over me! Lol. 



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