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It pays to wait!

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LONG POST! You've been warned. Lol.

The girls are without car seats.

I am without a vehicle.

It really, really sucks. It's been no secret I have been miserable the past several days because of these two facts. Good news is, USAA has priced our car at a high value and we will be getting around 10k back (once they pay off the rest of our loan) so we can put that down on a new car. Josh has around $5k left on the truck... I threw out the idea, what if we used half that money to pay the truck off, and then the rest on the new vehicle? It sure would be nice to go back to only one car payment!

We have been racking our brains on which new car to get. It is soooo crappy to be without a car. I just feel so isolated, even more so, without one. I don't know how some families can get by with one car... lol. It sucks not being able to do even the most basic of things, like go to the grocery store. I can't take Cam to her appointments, we can't do anything fun just the girls and me, we just can't. I do not like having to depend on Josh for EVERYTHING, especially since he's busy at work all the time and he can have stressful days and aaaaaaaalllllll that, plus he's been working late nights. It feels so lonely! I hate having to add a grocery trip or whatever else to his day because I cannot get out. I feel like I'm trapped. Lol. Like the house has eaten me and I can never leave I feel like...Rapunzel! I mean, if she had two crazy kids...

It's definitely been stressful for me. The other day I woke up at 4 AM, feeling really scared. It was strange. My eyes shot open and I was wide awake. I had no idea why but I just had a huge wave of fear wash over me and for a second I thought maybe I was going to have a seizure. Then my heart started pounding sooo hard, I got so scared that I had to wake up Josh because I felt like I shouldn't be up all alone, in case something happened. I felt weird. Like really really weird, and that something was wrong. That freaked him out! He got me to calm down, he's so good at that. And damn, my heart ...I felt like it wouldn't ever stop pounding. It was hard for me to breathe and I felt so anxious. It was a panic attack and I've never had one before, so it was just terrifying. I thought I was going to pass out. Normally I would NEVER wake Josh up, especially on a work night. I was so scared something really bad was happening. I can't explain the feeling, but it was horrible! I never want to experience that again. Stress really sucks.

Anyway, I'm just venting cause I need to. I know this will be over, I know I know. It's just nice to get out the frustration. We are waiting on car seats now and I AM excited about finally purchasing the new car seats. You know, it's funny how I HATED no... LOATHED... car seats. They are such a hassle. They are a pain in the butt! No getting around that.

Yet they're also unbelievable in the event of an emergency situation, case in point, our accident.

So, no more loathing will be coming from me. I shall build a shrine to our old car seats as we put them out to pasture (is that the saying? I don't know if I am using that correctly lol). Bless you, car seats. I'll never say that enough. And bless you, Mazda.

ANYWAY yes, I am excited about getting the new seats. It is one baby step closer to putting this all behind us. I am actually absurdly excited that I got such a good deal (on really good seats, they are actually a small upgrade from the Nautilus). I'm SO glad I waited for Cyber Monday to make the purchase! They were sitting in my Target cart over the weekend. I almost bought them on Black Friday buuut I really couldn't decide and wanted some input from Josh. I'm glad I waited!

The nice thing is the seats were already on sale. Plus with my Cyber Monday code I got 15% off. There was a random $5 off (no clue what that was from but thanks Target!) AND with the seats purchase, we get a $50 gift card in return!! These babies are being sent right to our door -- easy peasy!

And the best part?!

Our insurance is paying for the seats.

Woop woop!!! Lol. I love a good deal. When I can save money and shop at the same time, I'm a happy camper lol. So, fist pump on that. Because Christmas is coming and that Target gift card can be put to good use!

Oh my God, Cam just woke up from her sleep, came and got me from my office, and we started heading back to the bedroom but she stopped in her tracks and said Minnie. I go, "Oh no, is she in your bed?" We backtrack to the living room, through her sleepy gaze she spies the Minnie Christmas stocking on the couch (haven't hung up much of anything yet) and she snatches it quick! I guess any Mickey/Minnie thing will do! I go and grab her Minnie from her bed for good measure and give it to her... and now she's asleep with her Minnie Mouse AND her Minnie stocking! Ahhhh so so cute!

OH, I had Laura come over the other day and she helped us out a great deal watching the girls while Josh and I went looking for cars. Oh my God there are SOOO many to choose from! We hit up the Subaru, Mazda of course, and then on a whim we went to Toyota as well...

I test drove the Subaru Forester and was surprised at how much I liked it. To us, it certainly didn't look that impressive. I mean, it looked nice and stuff. Josh and I just really like the sporty look that makes Mazda the king in our heads. Our CX-5 looked damn awesome and Mazdas are sooo fun to drive. Unfortunately though, we really need something bigger. And the 2016 CX-9 isn't coming out until spring/summer of next year. BUMMER. Neither of us wanted to settle for the 2015 CX-9 (and they were sold out anyway) so Josh led me to the 2016 CX-5 and God was it beautiful. Sitting inside it was... I dunno, breathtaking? As lame as that sounds. Mazdas just look freaking AWESOME! All black and silver on the inside and oooh preeetttty. I think that's what I said when I sat in it. "Ooooh preeettttyy." While I touch all the sleek dials and the droooooool leather. *drools*

Ugh. It's too small for us. I hate to say that. I never wanted to be someone who had to drive a mommy wagon... like, I really felt like I would be trading in my soul, or the Essence of Christine, if I had to get a mommy-mobile.

Then we test drove the Toyota Highlander. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. It was big. 7 (or 8) seats! Ugh, the big, huge dashboard, ugh! A place for your phones and media, UGHHH! The HUGE center console that could fit my giant purse and a million other things... UGH THE MOON ROOF AND LEATHER AND UGHHHHHHHHHHH. UGH A SPEAKER SO I COULD YELL AT THE KIDS IN THE VERY BACK ROW. UGHH WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO MEEEE?!

This car was the ultimate nightmare of a mommy mobile and I hated it...because I loved it so damn much.

Josh and I looked at each other like, WTF DO WE ACTUALLY LIKE THIS CAR? Convenience and oh, all the glorious room, had won us over. It is not as sporty and sleek as its Mazda counterpart (*cries*)... yet... it is still not as awful as a minivan. It does have a wee bit of sport to it. Josh was like, Wow, if we got this, you know how comfortable our drive to Disney World would be?

I go... yeah, I know. I know. I know. I KNOOOOOW.

Well shit. Check please, I guess it's the Mommy Mobile for me, now! Le sigh, what is happening to me?

So we (or Josh anyway) will probably go back and if he can cut a good enough deal (because damn, Highlanders come with a very high price tag). It's funny. Josh told me he stopped at Toyota to look and as soon as he saw what the starting prices were he was like "Nope!" and left. Lol. That was another nice thing about the CX-9... the starting price was cheaper. Strangely though, the CX-9 did not have gas mileage going for it. The Highlander is better there. So. Hopefully he can talk them way down. That would be nice! He's good at that kind of thing so I have utmost faith in him. Me? I wear my emotions on my sleeves. If I like something, it shows. I would be like "OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING" (and I definitely was doing that while we were checking out cars lol) while Josh is like, "Yeeeeah, I guess it's okay." trying to play it off -- it's hard for me to calm down when I like or love something! Lol.

It doesn't look that mommy-ish. Right? RIGHT?!?!?!?
Oh why, why WHY did we have to sit inside it and test drive it?! Lol. 

Apart from that, not much has been going on besides Christmas stuff! I got started on cards... and then realized, crap, I can't even stamp and get these out because we still have to do Christmas photos. At least we've got our beautiful 9 foot tree up and decorated as you've seen; I'm still pulling Christmas stuff out and wondering where some of it is. I feel like there's another box or two sooooomewhere. There are certain items I can't find. Is our attic eating things? Hmmmm...

I managed to get out of the house on Saturday to do some thrifting. I found Alice a few things. That girl will be getting a "horsie" or two under the tree! So excited for that! Tonight I asked Josh, "Maybe she'll be an equestrian?" and he goes "I hope not!" LOL. I'm like, she'd be so cute wearing the equestrian outfit! Plus, it would be a pretty darn cool hobby.

Sigh, Christmas!

The kids are good, super adorable, and CRAZY, I literally do not get a second of peace until bed time. If Josh isn't home, that is. Lol. When he's home he's so very present and he likes to take over and he's soooooooo unbelievably helpful. He knows I've been stressed. Hell, I think the whole world knows by now Lol. With Disney coming up that takes off a week of my Christmas preparations. This car accident is taking so much more time off my timeline of order. I really don't know when I am going to get anything done. I haven't even finished Christmas shopping for my family. I don't know when I can take Christmas packages to the post office. Josh is going to take that bullet he says but I still feel bad lol. The post office is awful. That has definitely been another huge stress inducer, not having a car means... Christmas preparations for me, is fucked. I literally can't do anything without a car. Sigh.

I can't focus on that though. I can't, I can't. It makes me too unhappy. I'll be so relieved when Josh goes to talk business with the car peoples. I suppose I should switch the subject and get back to the kids. Cause you know, they're cute and stuff. :)

OH, I just thought of something funny that happened when we were decorating the tree. I'm watching the Garfield Christmas Special right now and it reminded me.... Josh was excited to put Tinkerbell on top of the tree, you see. Haha, he's probably going to be annoyed that I'm going to tell this story. Anyway, you know, the whole putting the Star/Tinkerbell/Angel/Whatever on should go laaaaaaaast! It's sort of like the 'crowning' of the Christmas tree. Super important stuff. So there I am, innocently putting ornaments on the tree just like so, and trying to make everything look all even and nice and Josh... well... he puts Tinkerbell on top.

I'm not even done ornamenting! My mouth dropped. I think I said something along the lines of: "YOU PUT HER UP ALREADY HOW COULD YOU?!"

It was a betrayal. She has to go on last! That's how Christmas works! It's like... sacred or something. It's totally sacrilegious to do such a thing! We're not religious or anything but like, it's sacrilege right? Lol. He was like, "It's easy to put it on when there aren't too many ornaments on top!" I get that, I do.. but it still really bothered me. There's something wrong with me. Lol. I ended up pouting and then he felt bad watching me pout-ily and halfheartedly put more ornaments up and... It's just... that is extra special and haaaaaaaaaas to go on last. I know I sound crazy. I probably am. It's just the order, okay?!

So, sighing, Josh said something along the lines of, "Fiiiiiiiine, I'll give in to your neuroticisms!" LOL. Well, he hit that nail on the head. I felt bad and tried pulling him off the tree Lol but he took Tink down. Until we finished decorating... and THEN he put her back on.

I think the moral of the story is don't mess with Christine and Christmas! Half of my name is in Christmas, I think I know what I'm talking about! Lol... sorry Josh, I really am. What did you marry?

I guess we're just funny, weird, people. I wouldn't have it any other way!

She looks amazing though; her wings are fiber optic and the star twinkles along with the lights...  siiiiiiiiiighhhhhh. 'Tis the season!

                                                             I see you too, Beast!

Sigh, these kids and pizza! Help yourselves why don'tcha!

Cam drew the little face on the bottom... she said it was her daddy lol.

Cleaning out the closet... with this little "helper"!
                                           So we can donate some things we no longer need!
                                            You're giving my clothes and toys to WHO?!!?

Goods night Minnie and Mickey!
Le sigh!!
I can't get enough of her drawings and doodles! The left is Ariel and on the right is Ursula! It's so cute because when she says she's drawing Ursula, she makes a bunch of little legs! Lol like tentacles. So cute.

This is me, apparently! Lol. Love it Cam!!
Hello BlogLand!
                         Check out the fairies getting ready for Alice's *gulp* birthday party!
           I don't know how I will pull it off, but Alice, my darling, you WILL have a party!

 Lol she is such a goof! I think I may have posted this pic before? I'm getting deja vu!
Check out her "castle"! Lol. 
Gosh she's such a cutie!

She's such a sweetheart too! Today Josh went out on an errand and she cried like 3/4 of the time he was gone! She was waiting by the door and crying "Daddyyyy! Dadddyyy!" I tried toys, I tried just about everything. I got her to calm down by painting her nails lol. Phew. She sure is a Daddy's girl these days!
And a Mickey's girl! Sheesh!

Daddy, read me the Disney World pamphlet. Lol,

Just one of those days...
  1. She's been a mommy's girl... and a Laura's girl! Lol. She didn't want Laura to leave on Saturday!
Lol this one really likes trying on my glasses.
               On Friday I watched Averie and Bailey so Laura and Brandon could go out on a
                      date night. It's the best idea ever... it's so nice to get out! And I adore her
                      kiddos and vice versa.. it's just so damn nice to get outta the house and get
                      dressed up! I love that our kids are so comfortable with being watched by the
                      other one. It's amazing to have that. I am going to miss her so much when they
                      move back to Colorado!

LOL she loved the crazy faces I made. And we played a TON of Barbies. 

These kids LOVE Jack Skellington. They always ask to watch Jack on Netflix lol. 
Choo choo! I set this up for Cam one night so she'd wake up to her tsum tsums on the train.
It was a hit! Lol. 


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