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Merry Christmas Eve from the Blake Family and Sandy Claws!

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Aka Jack Skellington. :) Whom the kids LOVE and were soooo excited they were bouncing and jumping and trying to escape the line to run right over to him! But then when it was our turn, they turned shy and afraid! Lol, what gives ladies?! The second we saw him and got in line, Cam and Ali went nuts! They wanted to see him ASAP!

Guess they didn't want to wait! Lol.

                                                             MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Yikes, that's the best photo the photo pass person could take! Geeze... Photopass seems to be a real hit or miss. They're not... "real" photographers. It's hard for me to let go and let someone else take photos lol. I'm not a professional, but I feel like I know what works best for MY family and I have a better idea of what's cute! It's always best to have either myself or Josh be a background photographer... more on that later, omg like with the Gaston encounter. We were so disappointed with the photographer's pictures! They were awful! I really just wanted some with Alice first... Alice wanted to see him at first but like with Jack, when it was her turn, she got scared lol.

This is the best photo the photopass guy got:

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? THAT'S the one photo of Belle Alice walking over to Gaston that he captured?

Sheesh... he could have captured a whole range of shots. Of Alice walking up to Gaston and at first, being earnest and eager, and then upon getting closer... getting scared and running back to me! Lol. She was so excited at first, until he started talking and then she ran back into my arms lol. It wasn't exactly the reaction I was hoping for... but oh well, I suppose! There were stars in my eyes prior to this moment. In my head, I wanted Alice to get a kiss on her hand... but then she didn't even want to go near him Lol.

I know it's not THAT big of a deal. But I love when things go smoothly and perfect! Hell, I wouldn't put all this effort (well, Sue made this dress, so HER effort too!!) if I didn't want the kids to have awesome pictures to look back on! This Gaston wasn't that great either... we were hoping for the one we had last year cause he was fantastic and hilarious. This one was a little more tame and less outwardly egotistical lol.


Ya know what though, Alice was sooooooo damn adorable and she got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS and comments on her dress!!! You don't see the villager provincial Belle dress in the parks that often, so, she truly was a sigh! So many people would go "Oh my gosh she's so cute!" or "Hi Belle!" and a lot of the cast members would go "Oh Belle, you are my favorite princess!" the dress was so damn awesome -- thank you Sue! And it actually fit her perfectly! I realized when I had tried putting her on it the very first time, there were some buttons I missed. Lol, MY BAD! IT WAS PERFECT.

Especially her at Gaston's fountain...

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere....

Which reminds me of one of my favorite Belle moments from the movie:

It was so cute chasing after Alice in Gaston's area. She'd run in and out of the gift shop and the cast members would go "Oh hi Belle! Bye Belle!" Lol. Josh bought her the Beast plush that is the most amazing plush EVER! Serriously, I'm kinda jealous!

Her birthday pin has also garnered extra attention and free cupcakes!! It was so funny, the first day, she would NOT wear her pin at all. So I put it on my shirt hoping that I could get her to wear it later on in the day... the first day, I kept getting "Happy Birthday!" and I'd be like "Oh gosh, uh thanks, it's actually my daughter's but she won't wear the pin!" Lol. I wish I could go on my real birthday... all the Happy Birthdays make you feel so darn special!

Sigh. It was still a very magical trip. There's nothing quite like the Christmas decorations inside the Magic Kingsom... hell, EVERYWHERE. The Polynesian Resort where we had our Ohana reservation was AMAZING. It was such a gorgeous resort and their decorations were fab.

Magic Kingdom's decorations take the cake though! Oh my God, and the fireworks... Josh and I were stunned. I was mesmerized at the fireworks during the Christmas party. I've never seen anything like it. Fireworks in sync to Christmas music, carols, and even the Nutcracker music... wow. People complain that Disney is expensive. Yeah, it is, but these people must have NEVER been because if they could see for themselves the light displays they do... come on, that stuff isn't cheap, and they really go ALL OUT. It's crazy!!! And to do that ever single night during the holiday season.. phew! Anyway, I'm rambling now! Lol. Disney is worth it. Josh thinks so. I think so. I'm so happy he has a good time! It's so funny he always says "I didn't think I'd have such a good time the first time...but I did! I need more!" I know baby, me too. Me too.

Merry Christmas Eve!!! Enjoy a few more photos. :)

Time for a checkup! Gonna check your ears check your eyes find out how much you've groooown. :D 

Omg Rafiki!!!!! He's a pretty rare character!
Oh my gosh he was so fantastic with the girls. He picked flowers for them.
When he handed a flower blossom to Alice... she CRUSHED it LOL.
And he mimed that he was heartbroken!! Lolol!!!

Alice and Tinkerbell!!!!

Cam loooves Tinkerbell too!!

Here's Josh on the Tower of Terror! 
How adorable is his grin!?!? LOL. I know, I know, he's sitting alone.
Helllll no I'm not going on that ride!!!Heeeeeeeeellll nooooo!!!
                                       Sigh, so cute! 


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