Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Outside World.

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I think it's very sweet and really adorable how Camilla is a completely different baby when she's not inside the house. She's curious, very observant, but most definitely reserved and shy (especially around strangers at the store, mall, etc) she's still a charmer, though.

I decided on a whim, to take some photos of her in the natural light outside and capture her hesitant nature when she's outside -- she is super cute and it really is quite funny how different she is. She stays in one spot, just watching. Maybe she'll reach out a hand to touch the ground, or some leaves (in this case she did grab one and was playing with it). She even got to the point where she was smashing the leaf into the ground... lol.

But... I'll post my favorite picture first.

LOVE that one! It's edited obviously, I thought the grainy black and white filter sort of expressed her uncertainty. It is a HUGE world out there, little does she know.

Isn't our little lady so beautiful?! I think so! Lol. Thank you Grandma Cristina for the super cute dress, too!

Eeeeep! In other news, something scary happened. Normally, me and Camilla walk down to the mail box down the street to get the mail. Well, the other night I asked Josh if he would get it. It was evening, and dark outside, and I didn't really want to go... especially with Cam, so it was no big deal for him to go. Well, A DOG GOT OUT OF HIS FENCE AND NEARLY ATTACKED HIM! Josh is smart and knew how to avoid getting attacked/bit... but holy crap, that is scary stuff. The owners eventually came out and eventually (not fast, mind you) got control of their dog and Josh pretty much yelled at them. I was pretty shaken up when he told me because I was thinking (and he was thinking) WHAT IF THAT HAD BEEN ME AND CAM?!?! We ALWAYS walk to the mailbox! I know which dog it was too, this crazy vicious sounding dog that always starts up an insane racket whenever you'd walk by. I hadn't heard him in a long time, so I didn't really think of him recently. But now, well, I'm not walking with Camilla anymore. I don't trust most of our neighbors and their dogs and I definitely don't trust THAT particular house.

I am also thankful that Josh wasn't walking Desoto because I bet my life that that crazy lunatic dog would not have a leg to stand on right now. There's no doubt in my mind that Desoto would've protected Josh. I just don't understand people... I mean, if your dog is doing everything possible to get out of his enclosure and the first thing it does is try to attack some random passerby.. you are doing dog-parenting VERY wrong. The owner was apologizing profusely, but that sort of incident isn't something that can be excused. What if it wasn't Josh, what if it was a kid walking home? Gosh. And not to sound like I'm happy it happened to Josh or anything (because I'm definitely not, I am super glad he is fine) I'm just glad that this opened my eyes... because it could have been me and Camilla, and that thought makes me want to cry. Needless to say, I cuddled and gave Desoto a ton of extra hugs and kisses for being his doofy self. Desoto is the best dog ever. Hyper at times? Definitely. A total goofball? Absolutely. But he always has good intentions and has never shown any of us any type of aggression, even with his food, treats, or toys , and I know he would protect us. I know he would definitely protect Camilla. They are very much buddies. Thank you for being you Desoto! Not to sound sappy or anything! I probably sound like I'm overreacting, but it just really put things into perspective for me I guess, I'm just... I don't even know what I would've done if it had been me, apart from doing everything I could to keep Camilla away from the dog. Seriously, I don't even want to think about it. It's too freaking terrifying.

She loves bugging him! Lol. She loves to pet and touch his paws.

He's like, mommm get it away from me! Lol.

Her face!! His face!! Hahahah.

She was petting him for like 10 minutes straight.

She thought his nub tail was hilarious.

I love my two babies. I'm so lucky to have them both! (And Josh too!)

My friend (who had a baby a week after I had Camilla) has to rehome her 8 year old Pekingese because he keeps growling and nipping at her baby! Gosh. Another reason I'm thankful for Desoto. Literally zero worries there (other than the fact he thinks he's a weightless lap dog lol). But if anyone knows of someone in the Washington Hood Canal area, who would like a Pekingese, let me know!


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