Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello, lovelies!

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I feel like it's been forever! Even though the last post was like, what, 4 days?! I feel guilty because I totally feel as if I've been neglecting this blog! I keep forgetting to do a different 'picture of the day', I haven't been updating our dinner menu... but maybe some of you don't care about all that. Lol. Hopefully that's the case! Because I totally suck at updating that stuff!

I'll try harder though, I PROMISE!

What's been going on? Nothing. Well, something. But we'll save that for later. ;) It's a good something, trust me. Or don't trust me. That's cool too! (No, but seriously, trust me!)

Apology in advance.. this post won't be as exciting as the last one. I'm not sure if anything can top the amazing ZOOOO SAFARIIII!!!!!!! I want to go back again! I keep looking back at the pictures, giggling to myself and asking no one in particular, "Did I really pet a zebra? Was I really in the presence of a gigantic awesome camel? Sigh... maybe this state doesn't suck as badly as I thought.

Well, it's still not as cool as Washington. Washington does have that Northwest Trek thingy, but I don't think you can feed the animals. With animals like bears on their route... you probably shouldn't be feeding them... lol.

ANYWAYS! Easter is coming... I have Camilla's basket mostly done (I think) and some chocolate for Josh, and then Josh's birthday! (and Derek's birthday too, can't forget to send his bday package out.) I'm pretty excited for Josh to open his presents. :) I would write them down here, but then he might see... okay, well one of the items is a big box of fancy coffees. We are crazy into coffee right now. We are obsessed with Kcups. He's going to love them! (And me too.. cough cough)

Camilla is becoming so much more... human! That's probably weird to hear, but she's standing up and trying to balance by herself, she gets the biggest delight out of pestering Desoto (petting him, slapping his paws, touching or grabbing his paws, grabbing his collar and pulling on it lol). She also has a very big fascination for the outside world. When we're in her room and after playing with her toys, she'll go to the window and stand on her tippy toes (and I've even seen her calculate how to step onto her books so she can get extra height) to peer outside the window and watch the sunny sky or the wind blow through the leaves. Once she even reached her hand out as if she could touch the leaves. It was so darn cute.

Also, the other day (and this would be the second time this has happened) the postal guy dropped off some packages, so I went to retrieve them and (she was in my arms) I got them and as I shut the door, she just wouldn't have any of that. She cried and cried and CRIED until I opened the door and let her have her precious outside watching time. So we sat out in the front yard for awhile and I let her do her silly watching. She loves to touch and grab the leaves. She's not happy unless I let her bring one inside the house.. and then 10 minutes later I'm not happy because she's ripped it to shreds and is throwing it everywhere like confetti. Lol. I love this baby of ours! 

Okay, I'll share some photos now. :) They're the best part of all this, so we might as well get on with it!

(P.s. Josh sends his love to you all as well!)


She is ready to be going places!

Bad awful habit! She cannot stop going for my hair!

One of her favorites.

Another bad habit! Leaf ripping. Lol but she is so fascinated by the little bits and bobs.

Mmmm food time!

Another new hobby: Pushing her sleeper around and walking along with it. SO CUTE.

Daddy and Desoto time.

Look how devious she looks lol.

                That day she helped me sort through old clothes that did not fit her. For donating.
                     And "helped" meanings she pulled things out and threw them everywhere.

'Hmmm.. '
'No no this won't do at all. So not my style.'

Moms, can we read now? 
Sidenote: I have this weird thing where I want her to have plenty of books in her room. At the moment she has storybooks and such lining the walls. Even if they're just there for her to handle/poke at/look at. I want her to get an early fascination with books and reading. Hopefully, it works.

'Okay let's go shopping!'
It will be so cute when she starts carrying around a little baby purse lol.

THAT FACE!!!!!! Ohhh. My darling.

See? She loves peering out the window hahaha.
She's like, he's so BIG what do I doooo? (I LOVE HER CUTIE FACE!!)

I will end with this picture of Desoto cuddling up against her, because they are my favorite team. I love them so much!


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