Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Changing the blog address very soon.

Posted by ChristineElaine at 3:48 PM
Hey all! I'm changing the blog address so lunatics don't keep pestering me and judging me... the new address will be: Camillaandco.blogspot.com

Edit: CHANGED! So if you can see this, congrats!

I will send out the new address to family members that don't try and convert our lifestyle to theirs, and to the family members who love us for who we are. To those family members, thank you.

I will leave this post up a couple days, but will be changing the address VERY soon. If you cannot reach this page at the old address it's because it's been changed.

Thank you to all who DON'T judge us and DON'T think the devil has "gotten" to us because we are agnostic.

Thank you all.

P.s. and if it wasn't totally obvious that in the pictures of the last post, Camilla was not in the tub by herself, nor would I ever be so foolish to leave her alone in the bathtub EVER. I realize not everyone has a functioning brain, but if it wasn't crystal clear that I was IN THE BATHROOM WITH HER oh I dunno, TAKING THE CUTE PICS... what, did anyone else think I had left the room and put the camera on auto-shoot while I was in the kitchen eating bonbons!!? For cryin' out loud!

To Josh's family, to my friends, and my family who do read this and do respect our lifestyle... I'm so sorry to have to drag you through this run around. I hope you don't think any differently of me, or thi blog. I'm just dog tired of getting criticism from one of my family members who thinks we are living our lives wrong. I'm not sorry that I don't agree with their beliefs on their religion, but it's in no way justification to keep emailing me with Christian propaganda. I'm an adult now and it's just time to say no to that negativity, and no to someone who chooses to enable a spoiled monster and who essentially, enabled a bad neighbor's behavior and actions. So, to keep further posts clean and positive, I've decided to eliminate the catalyst by changing this address. I don't even feel comfortable with them seeing the photos... if they think Camilla was in the tub alone, what other bad things are they thinking? Do I seem THAT bad or incapable of a mother to not know common sense? Gosh.

Anyway, thank you for being patient while I struggle with this. I do not want this blog to go down a road of no return... so to keep things positive, an address change is in order. Sorry if I'm giving anyone a headache!!! Hope everyone else has a more pleasant day than I'm having! We love you! xoxo!


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