Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Changes, gosh!

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Sorry for all the changes everyone! I just needed to cut out the festering negativity once and for all. I want this blog to stay focused on the positive path our lives are leading. I won't be deleting any past posts because well, what's done is done and what's been written has been said. It was very therapeutic for me anyway. I would like to reiterate that I have zero problems with people who are religious... I welcome anyone and their beliefs (well, not if their beliefs are harming others); one of my very best friends whom I love and would do anything for is a devoted Christian, but she respects me and I show her the same. :) Actually, I have quite a few friends who are religious... so it's no biggie to me. All I ask is that we get some common decency in that we aren't judged and looked down upon. :)

Soooooooooo!!! Easter Bunny dude is fast approaching! Who can resist baskets, coloring eggs, and stuffed bunnies?! Lol. I know I can't! I have already started on Camilla's basket... which is actually funny because I thought Easter was in April. When I asked Josh, he was like, it's at the end of March... And I was like, HUH!?? Isn't St. Patrick's Day in March too? Silly March, double holiday-ing it, I see.

Anyway, I got Cam a cute little vintage looking Easter basket and a couple cute books, a purple stuffed ducky, some chocolates (those are for Josh actually but are in her basket for appearances lol) and a cute romper outfit online. I also... drum roll please... ordered her The Velveteen Rabbit, because that book is one of my favorites and it's perfect for this holiday! I kind of regret purchasing it now lol... I keep forgetting that Cam is only a baby and she won't remember getting anything... and The Velveteen Rabbit is kind of a big deal book for me (made me cry when I was a kid!), maybe I'll give it to her this Easter, then hide it for a few years. She won't remember, right?! Lol. Today was actually nice for me as I haven't gone thrifting in FOREVER and it was nice to get a break by myself. I think that's the only time I get a "real" break is when I leave the house to either go thrifting or do a grocery run, minus the last couple times I went to get groceries since I took Camilla. She didn't cry so I was happy. :) Although I feel like it's walking on eggshells, I never know if she's going to explode or not ahhaha.

Ackkkk!! In other yucky yucky gross grossssssss news, I was cleaning today and was sweeping and I SWEPT UP A BABY DEAD SNAKE!!! How the heck did that get in here?!? Ugh, I'm so terrified, I don't even want Cam crawling on the floors now lol. Ugggggggggggh I feel like snakes are spying on me now and I keep looking around suspiciously at every shadow and the corners of the house. Ughhh ughuughugh I wish I had not seen it. It looked like an ordinary harmless garter snake and thank goodness it was tiny... barf! I didn't look at it too closely, I was afraid it'd resurrect and attack me. *shudder* It's times like this I wish we had a cat on the premises... ughhhhhh I probably won't even be able to fall asleep tonight! I really loathe snakes. And I really am disgusted by the lizards... why does this state have to be so stinky and gross?! Lol. I find it really humorous how Josh gets really creeped and yucked out by flying bugs that come inside the house (like moths) now those don't bother me. Geckos and the like don't bother him... which I so don't get. I mean, translucent slithery lizards that climb walls?? Okay I need to stop talking about it... I'm going to give myself nightmares.

Speaking of Josh... he baked cookies the other day! If you have an image of Josh in an apron and big oven mitts slaving away in the kitchen... well, you'd be half right. While there wasn't a frilly pink apron involved, he did have his own adventure making chocolate chip cookies. And they were delicious! When he told me he was going to make cookies, I just chuckled and was like, yeah okay suuuure. But he did! I'm so proud. :) (and so FAT lol.)

Okay I keep rambling on here when I have a few more things to do. Sweet Camilla is down for the night and I have a few more cleaning chores to do. Let's hope I don't find anymore icky snakes! Arghhhh!! *shudders*

Picture time! :)

Sup guys!

It's like seeing Josh in a dress! Lol.

Awww someone looks worried.

The house is getting overrun with Camilla's stuff!

LOL grouchy face!!


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