Friday, March 8, 2013

9 Month Old Lady!

Posted by ChristineElaine at 11:37 AM

Shoot, she's waking up now.. I'll have to write about her 9 month appointment we had this morning later on... Sit tight folks, I'll be back!!

In the meantime, look how cute she is in her blue sundress feeding Desoto treats. :)

Edit! I'm back! Phew, today was busier than normal and Cam's only had 2 naps today so... busy busy busy! Her wellness checkup went fabulous! Her nurse is always extremely nice and jovial and the doctor is a sweetie too. She was so charmed by Camilla today, when she walked in Camilla leaned forward and wanted to be held by her LOL. And she kept saying how she was such a beautiful baby, etc. Cam is now 16.5 lbs and about 26.5 inches long! She is definitely small for her size, but the doc reassured that it was nothing to be worried about since she is steadily gaining weight and not losing, it's just a for certain that it's genetics playing it's part, she's just going to be a small person; so everything's amazing! It was so cute how she was all sweet towards the doctor lol. And she commented on how lively she was and how obvious she was thriving and had a positive personality. She also said that Camilla behaved like a one year old with how focused she was on everything around her and how when she stood her up, Camilla just used her fingers  to steady herself but all the balance was her own doing. I think it's safe to say we have an amazing little lady! So happy everything has gone so well for her and us!

Today... phew, I was pretty damn tired this morning. I'm surprised we were early for the appointment - it's literally down a couple streets from here, but I got up pretty late. I didn't sleep well at all because Cam kept waking up lol, I think that's a first for her actually. But it's all good now! It was really funny cause I took her to her appointment in her blue sundress and when we stepped outside it was COLD and RAINY. I was like aw crap... but it's too late to go in and change! So I wrapped her in one of her thick blankets we have stashed in the car and made a mad dash to the building haha. Apart from her appointment, we've basically been playing all day and... oh, Cam had her first BIG GIRL BATH! Right after the doctor appointment she had a big poopie (lol great timing, I know) and she's getting too big for her baby bathtub and she's been sitting great for awhile now... so we did it! She made some funny expressions but she seemed to like it a lot. I'll add some pictures. :)

Oh! Josh lowered her crib so now I don't have to scared of putting her in there anymore lol. Desoto was in the room too and he kept pushing his snout in between the bars and sniffing her and licking her hands and she would giggle and laugh SO much. Oh my it was so precious. Anyway... phew, I feel like I'm typing really fast, if I were talking it would definitely be really REALLY fast haha... I gotta go, Cam's on the move again! I'll add some pics of her bath now... :D

 ISN'T SHE SOOOO CUTE?!?!? Lol it was soooo funny! She loves the heck out of her ducky haha. And Desoto was pacing and pacing back and forth in the bedroom, I think he was nervous. Lol. Anyway, it was such a cute moment. Her first big girl bath! Our little Camilla is growing up so fast and right before our very eyes! *sniffle* I LOVE YOU MY CAMCAM!!! <3 <3


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