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Wow!!! 1 year already. It's pretty apparent that June 8th of last year was the best day of my life. I still remember it like yesterday. The pain! The anticipation! The lack of sleep! The numbness in my legs! Lol. 

I love you Camilla Soriano Blake.

And her first year with us? Amazing. Every second of it. Yes, even the nights she kept me up forever, or the time she pooped out of her diaper and it got all over her car seat. It  was all great. At the time I probably didn't think so, but when you look back on memories like that you just have to laugh, or smile. 

So! Today! Today was great! I am one tired mommy though! Starting with last night, baking all the cakes and waiting for them to cool (yes, multiple CAKES hahaha...) and rounding up the balloons that needed to be inflated, and setting up the dining area for her party. Phew! Camilla didn't want to go to sleep last night either. While I was baking the stuffs, Josh had her, and he let her sleep at 8 o' clock!!! I was like oh no... she's going to be up all night since she only had one very tiny nap earlier. And it was all true. Lol. So she was up forever, and I was very zombified, but at least I got it all done! 

When I woke up, I jumped outta bed ready to take charge. Josh had other plans though (lol) and handed Camilla over to me so he could go take the balloons to the party place and get them inflated. That was cool with me, since that needed to be done. Luckily the second she was in my arms, Cam fell asleep so I was able to set her down in her sleeper and then I literally sprang to the kitchen to make the buttercream frosting and frost the monstrous thing. The night prior, Josh was like, "We could've just gotten a 9.99 cake from Wal Mart." When he saw all the baking pans and whipping and stirring I was doing. Lol. I laughed and was like, HOW RUDE!!! It's her first birthday, the cake should be special! He was impressed how it turned out though, I was too, I really thought I would mess this up. Thank goodness. 

Camilla had such a fun time (at first) like when the cake came out and candle was lit, and she did manage to open a few presents. Though she kept getting distracted by the balloons, and then distracted by misc things, like frosting. Lol. Sometimes she'd open a present, grab the toy, and then throw it from the high chair as if to say, "Okay, not impressed. NEXT!" My sister and Derek were on Skype with us for the presents and the cake, and they laughed and thought she was so cute how she would toss things, and have a million different expressions and reactions to different things. *sigh* She is such a cute lady!! She got pretty grumpy towards the end... you'll be able to see in the pictures lol. Anyway, ENOUGH of me blabbering!! Pictures will explain everything in a nutshell, methinks, and I'll caption them anyway because I'm a crazy captioning fiend! 

Happy Birthday my sweetie pie Camilla! Your mommy and daddy love you more than you will ever know! Advanced apology: some of the pictures are out of order since we were taking photos on two different phones. Sorry 'bout that!!

Before the party, had to find an outfit:

Here she is shooting me a semi-smile. "If I smile will you stop with the pictures already?"

 Her Scottie Dog dress! It was a tad big, it was clearly made for a chubbier tot lol. But it was still adorable!! The pic before last is of her slapping my hair and shoulders, she looooves doing that for some reason!

Crap, I'm still blabbering. Oh well, it's party time!!

                               Lol oh my gosh, the zombie guy's face kills me.

                                                         Ooooh, a penguin!

                                                                  Turtle bath toys!
She's like "Uh, what am I supposed to do???"
Mommy had to take one for the team and blow the candle out. Lol.
LOL that grumpy face!

Rainbow cake up close and personal!

Minions!! From Despicable Me!



Mommy reading aloud the card.

Birthday Card from Auntie and Unkie!


Lol she studies the tag.

"Somebody in Belfair, WA Loves Me." LOL. Thanks guys!

Adorable rubber duck boots from Derek's grandma Joanne. So cute!

She loved the balloons haha. :)

Trying to get her attention with a present lol.

Oooh, triceratops!

Aw present from me, a picnic basket set that matches her tea set.




This was when she was poking and digging through her cake lol.

Lol. Mmmmmmmmmm sugar.

Oh my, it's Pocoyo!

LOL she looks so... happy.

Hi Pocoyo!

Let's hold hands!

She got some cake on him, hahaahaha.
Thumbs up to the cake!

Cake the night before, craziness!

After the festivities! Full of cake and another look at that super cute dress! (is it bad that I want a Scottie dog now? Haha noooooo Christine, no!)



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