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Sprinklers and Yard Work, Oh my!

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Well, summer is here. It's hot. Sweating down  to your bones HOT. I love taking Cam out and about to places, but we have leather seats and the air conditioner is not super fast, so it really is a nightmare if the car has been sitting even like, 20 minutes in the sun.

Her 1 year vaccine and checkup appointment was... in one word... TERRIFYING. Her checkup itself was fine; her doc said she was obviously thriving, though she would have liked Cam to be talking more. I will agree on that. I wish Cam knew more words than "Momm mommommom" or "Baa baa", sometimes she'll say, "HEYYYYY" like she's channeling the Fonz, but I guess I'm not too worried about her talking just yet. Everything I've read said each baby develops differently and some babies didn't speak any words until 18 months or more. I even read that Einstein didn't start talking until 3 or 4... and while I'm not comparing Camilla to Einstein (lol) it's just an interesting thought. Everyone develops differently. Hell, I didn't start learning English until I was 4/5 and here I am with better grammar and spelling than most people I know. Everyone's different. Take your time Cam, I want you to be a kid forever! Lol.

The vaccinations... ugh. It was brutal watching them hold her down and placing 3 shots in one leg and 2 in the other. Pretty. Damn. Horrifying. The guilt just ate at me while Cam looked at me and screamed while she endured such torture. But what was even worse was the blood draw, see, the nurse who did it was a "learning nurse"... meaning she was slower than a turtle. Of course they had us put Cam on the table, and Cam KNEW she just KNEW what being put on that table meant. Immediately she started shrieking while we held her down, and I just about cried. I had to fight the tears as the nurse slowly, oh so slowly, got the tube and needle prepared. My poor Cam.

Luckily, she calmed pretty quick. And no fever, or sickies, or after-effects from the terrible ordeal at the doc's. I am freaking so so so glad that Josh was with me there during the shots. I don't know if I would have kept myself together watching Cam get stuck with way too many needles. *sigh* I know it's for the greater good, though. She's protected now.. and on the plus, it'll be another 6 months before her next set, so yay! I guess? Lol.

Well. Apart from the 1 year vaccination appointment (that I will never forget, mind you) there hasn't been  a whole lot going on. I have a couple doctor appointments coming up so woohoo! While I'm not excited about dragging my butt down to the hospital, I will be happy to find out more fun things! And while the gender reveal is still some time away (I think) it's always good to know newer stuff going on inside the magic of Child growing. Lol.

I do have some really cute pictures... actually the whole point of this blog was 'cause I took some ADORABLE pictures of little Cam and a certain hat, sooooooooo enjoy! :)

((You're probably like: uh, why is this  titled "Sprinklers and Yard Work, oh my!"??? You'll see! Hehehe!))

Hi Mom!

Camilla Blake, Master of Beasts.

MY FAVORITE ONE!!! Oh that face is so precious!!!!

Right before she threw it down in a fit of annoyance, and then wandered off with a look of, "What can I get into next?"

 I find it pretty funny that the one thing she absolutely will not tolerate (for very long) is wearing some sort of headband/hair accessory/hat. Now, what did I stock up on when I was pregnant with her? Headbands, hair accessories, and hats.

Random picture of sleepy Desoto... because he wants you all to fawn over him, too.
 That evening Cam and I walked down one end of the sidewalk. She walked the whole way and despite it being evening, the sun was still pretty harsh, so I walked her about halfway back. But she wanted down the rest of the way.

We had the sprinkler going in our yard sooooooooo what happens as she walks through?

Boom. Sprinkled.
She got hit! Sprinkled! Of course, whenever water suddenly rains upon you, you duck. That's the obvious choice, as Camilla demonstrates above. Lol. Boy, she was confused. After awhile though, she didn't mind it so much. Of course anytime it started to "get her" she'd duck a bit. She got used to it though.

Help Mom, I think it's the end of the world!
I let her get a bit wet. We both needed some sprinkling!

                                                    Mmmm some macaroni dinner!

                  Awwww daddy was playing peeeeeeeek a boooo! And look at her smiles!

Here's Desoto chewing on one of his new bones.

Here's Cam wondering what daddy is up to.
Then she changes her mind and decides to pester Desoto. Lol.
Both playing with their respective toys. You'd think her bajillion toys would be enough to satisfy her, right?

Nope. She slowly inches over to Desoto. Because duh, she wants what he has.

Lol. She's like GIMME THAT!!

He stops chewing, seemingly amused by her efforts. He looks down at his bone as if to say, "Really? You think you can pry this from my monster paws?"

Her plan is foiled! She gives up... for now...

Oh! But she finds a chunk of another Desoto bone.
Desoto is intrigued...

She quickly becomes bored and would rather slap him like the vagabond he is.

Oho! Look what Cam found.
Desoto looking up at being praised. 'Cause ya know, he was calm and patient the entire  time.
And Cam did eventually get  to see one of his bones. Unfortunately for her, it was taken away rather quickly because... it's gross. Lol.

New development: she really enjoys climbing up on the red futon that sits in Josh's office. She'll climb up on it, sort-of climb down (usually involves a tumble lol), play with her toys on it, and generally just sit on it. As you know, she is a 1 year old lady, as such, her tastes have changed and have become much more refined. Obviously sitting on the floor is for peasants, and she is much too important for that.

Ants and yard story time! Did you know ants totally suck? How do those suckers manage to get their ant hills so fast? Anyway, this weekend we spent a bit of time battling them. Josh with his anti-ant stuff and me with my vinegar solution. I'm pretty sure Josh thinks I'm crazy but vinegar DOES work. It burns them and they can't stand the smell, and it's not bad for Cam or Desoto, so I will wipe down sills and corners of the house and etc with it. 

Also! While I watered the backyard, I also did some weeding and Cam was with me... she had so much fun walking around the yard and carrying around weeds. Lol. I should have put my gloves on because... um.. ouch.. blisters, but whatevs! Josh soon joined us in the weeding adventures and Cam had fun wandering about the yard, and occasionally getting sprinkled!

After awhile she kept tumbling in the grass... it seemed like purposeful dramatic kid antics, but I figured to call it quits and let Josh continue while I got Cam inside to cool off. Lots of ice cold water and AC does wonders! Lol.

Weed Warrior!

Hey beautiful girl!
Well, that concludes some of our recent adventures! Today is a kick-back-be-lazy day, even though Cam has other plans. Mainly getting into everything. Oh, kids. :) Hahaha. Right now she pulled open one of my fabric drawers and is pulling evveeerrryyythhiiiing out of it... but whatever keeps her entertained, right?

See you next time at the next post! Until then, we love you, miss you, and hope you enjoyed! :)

(ps. I'm thinking next paycheck I get I'm going down to the home garden store. no more putting it off, I want to have pretty plants!!! Lol.)


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