Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Napping Cam = Blog Time.

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Sometimes when Cam takes her naps and I am literally done with EVERYTHING that can be possibly be done.. (Well, I won't count dusting because dusting is my biggest enemy... and I won't count vacuuming... I can't exactly vacuum when she sleeps...) Okay never mind, I take that back. Not quite "everything" is done, but the major stuff that needs to get out of the way ASAP. Like shop stuff, writer stuff, dishes, small chore stuff, Desoto stuff... anyway, when all that is done sometimes I'll sit there and I'm like, what the heck do I do now?!?!?!?

Back in the day I would busy myself with a video game or read a book, or do whatever tickled my fancy at the time, but nowadays I feel like if I'm not doing something constructive then I'm not doing something worthy of my free time. And it totally drives me bonkers sometimes!

So, if you couldn't tell Cam is napping right now and found myself in this "What do I do?!?!" predicament. Then I thought, AHA! The blog, duh! So here I am.

I don't have much stuff to update on our end, besides Cam is walking around everywhere and getting into EVERYTHING, and that 'everything' I mean 100%. She's learned to not only walk, but she just loooves carrying stuff around while walking. Also, feeding herself while ambling about like the cutest baby in the world. I'll give her veggie crackers and she'll just walk around munching on them. Josh thought it was sooooooooo cute and couldn't believe how fast she's growing up. *sniffle* You can really tell that Cam thinks she's the coolest girl in the world when she walks around with her crackers. Lol. She loves her new-found independence.

This morning while I ate some toast and strawberries for breakfast, Cam walked over to me and looked curiously into my bowl. So I offered her a strawberry. She took it and was quite pleased with her new treasure, and toddled off towards the dining room, just walking around with a big ol' strawberry in her hand. Josh watched the whole time, laughing, because really - it was the silliest thing. Her walking around with a fat strawberry in one hand. She attempted to take a bite, but didn't quite follow through on it lol. She dropped the strawberry a couple times and then actually brought it over to Desoto who was of course, watching the entire time with intrigue. Deep down he knew that that strawberry would be his. After all, any food stuffs she drops is his property from thereon out. Lol.

And he loved every second of eating that strawberry. Lol. Usually I'll give him my strawberry tops, and lately, I've been consuming bananas like I'm part ape so I end up sharing most of my banana  with Cam (who LOVES bananas), but small bits I give to Desoto as well. *sigh* Sharing is caring, right? Lol.

When we hadn't returned to the living room after like, 20 seconds, Desoto decides to check on us.
"You okay, guys? I was getting worried."

Lookie! See all those blue scribblies? That was sooo Cam!

Oh my pretty baby girl!
Falling asleep hehe.

Hanging out like a couple of sillies.
She decided to carry her book out of her room.

She wants you all to know that this is her favorite book, I guess. Lol.

Awww silly lady.
She's like "Okay, gotta call my peeps! Desoto, how do you call someone?"
"Uh, I don't have thumbs. I have no idea."

Argh!!! Have you noticed a decrease in pictures lately? That's my fault, since my new phone is so frustrating.

There is a lag on the camera timer, so when I go to take a picture, it will finally "click" like 3 seconds later. So... very frustrating beyond belief! Most pictures come out blurry, or not recognizable at all. I will have to figure a way of taking pictures. I'll probably have to use one of our other phones for picture taking, or just use Josh's phone when he's not using it haha.

Speaking of Josh... he had to go to a mandatory NCO bbq (BBQ day at the lake) BUT he was able to take Desoto and he does have pictures of all that! So that will give you something more to look at! Desoto is still feeling the lake exercise haha. Everyone loved him and was very impressed by him. Geeze Desoto, you sure inflate our egos with your charming the pants off Josh's work people! 

He had tons of fun with frisbee games.

My favorite picture of our dorky dog!

Lol his face...

Oh boy! BBQ! People! Frisbees! Voleyball!

Apparently this is as far as Desoto would go into the water. Lol.

Come on, you pansy!

Come back into the water!!!

Desoto had a good time and it made the day bearable for Josh, since he wasn't exactly looking forward to it. I'm beyond happy Desoto got to get out of the house and do stuff, because he really loved outdoor activities like this and I love that people can see that he's you know, not aggressive, and maybe change their perception that Dobermans are really just a bunch of silly pooches. Though Josh did say that another guy later on, arrived with his dog (pit bull) who clearly was other-dog aggressive. Desoto stayed away from them and thankfully, they left pretty soon afterwards. Josh said they left because nobody cared about that dog lol. I was just like, why would you bring your dog to a public place that would most likely have other dogs if you know your dog is aggressive to other dogs?!?

It's just a little scary, you know, especially when there could be small kids around, etc. ANYWAY! I better sign off now... and with that...

WE LOVE YOU. SO MUCH. If you ever need ANYTHING let us know. Please do not hesitate. Josh loves you, I love you, Cam loves you. Desoto loves you. We love you.


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