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Wee bit of an update. :)

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Phew, Josh is back from the field. YAY!! He was actually gone from Mon-Thurs, so it was lonely without him. But Cam, Desoto, and I made it! No scary movies this time. Lol. Though that didn't stop my imagination from going a little wild at times. Camilla was a very good baby though, she was only superbly crabby once, and that was 'cause she was overtired. In fact, the first few days she had early bedtimes at 9 and 10! That was pretty awesome, but training myself to sleep that early was the real trick haha.

The one plus with Josh gone is that I actually do more. That sounds bad, but since everything is solely up to me I just get more crap done and out of the way, and I stay on top of things like dishes. Josh will usually tell me to not worry about the dishes and he'll do them, so they'll sit there for several hours before they are done Lol. I shouldn't complain though, because they DO get done, just when he feels like it lol. Also, Cam and I actually ventured out of the house a couple times for groceries (don't you hate when you go to the store and then get home and forget something majorly important?! I do that ALL the time, even with a list!) and I also had to find the nearest Post Office to do a few order drop offs. But we did it! And Cam was a doll (for most of it). I'm just so thankful she doesn't cry or get crabby in the car. Sometimes she does like if we've been driving a long long time. It's not like HEB is super far away however. She LOVES sitting in the cart and staring at people, trying to grab stuff off the shelves hahaha. She was babbling a ton, and a lot of people were laughing at her, or commenting what a cute baby she is, or asking how old she was. Cam's a popular little girl!

Phew! Also when Josh is gone, I am able to cook up stuff that I like to eat, like shrimp, or some of the more Asian-y dishes that I KNOW he would detest. I cooked a coconut shrimp curry dish the first night and had spicy thai noodles. YUM! Lol.That's like the only real big plus, getting to eat stuff he hates! I know I know, I could cook it anyway, but I always always feel guilty if I do. I don't want him to have to microwave frozen burritos while I eat something for myself, ya know? I always feel bad, so I don't do that. Plus, with a baby, I also have to think about the parts that she can eat. I let her nibble on some shrimp, and gave her some brown rice, but there was no way in heck I would let her eat the spicy noodles. I did however save a couple forkfuls of plain cooked pasta so she could eat some of that, which she did like!

IN BIG NEWS... .Cam is FINALLY feeding herself.

Sort of. Lol. Actually, I have to say a huge thank you to Grandma Sue and Grandpa Den for sending her that Easter package; it was because of the animal crackers that she attempted eating by herself! I wanted to jump with joy when she grabbed a cracker and slowly brought it to her mouth to munch on. I immediately grabbed my phone and texted Josh (thankfully he is able to text while out in the field) "OH MY GOD SHE JUST ATE AN ANIMAL CRACKER. BY HERSELF!" It was so magical!

*sniffle* I was so damn proud. Josh was pretty sad he missed the moment, and I swear it's like Camilla planned to do a whole bunch of new stuff while he was gone. Not only was she starting to eat by herself, but she successfully put a square shape in the square hole in her picnic basket (there's a picture as proof!), and she is walking like crazy. She will pick herself up without having to hold on to anything, just to walk around. It is so damn cute. It seems most of the time she prefers walking now, unless she thinks she has to get somewhere/to something ASAP then she'll drop down and crawl fast and furiously to her destination haha. Gosh, she is adorable.

Another super adorable thing that happened? She was falling asleep in the bed and I was laying there doing some reading on my phone, and for a few minutes she was quiet. Her breathing was getting deeper, so I knew she was basically down for the count. Then she suddenly flips over to turn into my arm as if to nestle as deep as she could into my arm, and she mumbled in her sleep, "Mommm mommom." Oh my God, I wanted to cry. It was the sweetest thing ever. See, moments like that, make me so so unbelievably happy to be a mom. Just having her sleeping in the nook of my arm and the fact she even mumbled "momm mommmm" was just the icing on the cake. I love this kid!

Man, am I long winded or what?! Just wanted to let everyone know that Josh is home and safe and away from the bugs. He kept talking about how he had to sleep out in the woods and there were so many ants, and a guy got bit by a scorpion (EWWWWWWW), and all this gross, nasty, creepy stuff!! He's looking into maybe buying a pop up tent or something that would fit into his bag. I was like, GET IT, I don't care the cost I don't want you getting bit and I can't imagine having to sleep in a bunch of ants and crickets! Why does Texas have to be so gross? Lol. Washington bugs and critters aren't so bad... sure they have mosquitoes too, but there are certainly no scorpions! Sure they have garter snakes, but certainly no RATTLESNAKES! Why are desert creatures so... *shudders* I'll shut up now, lol. Case in point - Josh is getting a tent, and I will never ever ever camp out even in the yard. Sorry Cam, you'll have to have backyard camping adventures with daddy, or Desoto. Lol. When I was watering the lawn, I was paranoid about Cam and ants, so I had several blanket barriers in the yard and I tried to keep her on the pavement. Babies have their own agendas though, and eventually I just had to call it quits because she was trying to crawl everywhere. *sigh* Oh, did I mention that I gave her my phone to watch some of her nursery songs and Pocoyo episodes, and when I turned around she had my phone (screen side down) and was pushing it against the concrete like it was a vacuum cleaner? Yeah, my screen is cracked now. Thanks Cam! Lol. I'm never doing THAT again! Still love the girl though, cracked screen and all!

PS I SO FORGOT ABOUT SOME BIRTHDAY PICS! Here are the missing ones that never posted!

Oh one more announcement -- the thing I forgot at the store were FATHER'S DAY CARDS. I also forgot all about Mother's Day! So I am deeply sorry for forgetting. This brain of mine, I would very much like to take it back to the brain store and exchange it for a better one! I hope neither my family or Josh's family think I am purposely ignoring them -- it's just, I have moments of total dumb blonde-ness lol. PLEEEEEEASE have a Happy Father's Day, and a belated Mother's Day! I'm a bad daughter and bad daughter in law! Sigh. I actually re-remembered while we were eating breakfast at the table this morning and I was like, OH MY GOD. Sunday is Father's Day isn't it? Josh laughed and told me I didn't have to get him anything but I was like... I TOTALLY SUCK! Lol. Just know that we love you all and think about you all often, and DO appreciate everything our families have done for us. We will make it up, I promise!!

For now, enjoy some pictures! :)

Haha, cute pearls!
She LOVES that ball! It rolls around by itself and sings, etc. Josh didn't get a picture of her unwrapping it on her birthday, but it was the present he got her and she looooves it.

Square! Shapes! Yay!
Sigh, the closet is still a mess. Thanks in large part to Cam!
Oh my goodness, isn't that the cutest thing ever?!
I want that, and that, and that, and THAT!
                 Ew! She totally likes to eat mushy green beans! Which honestly, makes me want
                 to puke. I loathe green beans lol. She must take after her daddy!
I texted Josh this picture and he was like, "Whoa, she looks like me!"
 And I was like, "Uh. Duh!"
Don't you just love how NONE of our bed stuff matches? Lol.
Totally captivated by that nightlight haha.
                                       Lol. She's probably like, wow, that must be magic.
Goober-Butt and Cutie Girl, they could fight crime.

And we'll end with Desoto, balancing a treat on his nose. Lol. :)


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