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Fort Worth Zooooo!

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We went to the Fort Worth Zoo on Saturday! It was pretty spur of the moment, and I lay the entire blame on Sandra, who texted me the night before when she realized she actually got to have a day off and asked if we wanted to do something. I said, HELL YEAH! She's in Muenster, TX which is something like 3.5 hours away. We decided to meet somewhere along the middle... and the zoo was just too tempting! Haha. (long story short Sandra is now in TX working with bats and misc creatures and her husband is stationed at Ft Bliss, TX) So it's pretty awesome that she's just a few hours away!

The second our plans were finalized (I was bouncing off the walls when Josh was excited and wanted to go!) I grabbed Cam's jumbo diaper bag to stash just about EVERYTHING in there. Which is funny, I don't think we used even 1/4 of what was packed but it's good to be prepared right? Lol.

I was so excited! We would get to get out of the house, see Sandra, and also, I knew Cam would have tons of fun exploring and seeing all the sights. :) And she totally did! Yay!!

 At 7 a.m. we got up and ready to go! Cam was not looking terribly pleased about this strange morning happening, but... eventually...

 She was getting sleepy... oh so... sleepy...


BOOM! She was out. Lol. For the rest of the trip, basically, so phew! She did wake up like 15 minutes before we got to the zoo, but that was nothing the ipad couldn't help with.

THEN THE ZOOOOO!!! We parked, met Sandra inside, and had our fun! The pictures shall show you all that good stuff. The zoo was really nice, the landscaping, the layout, I particularly liked the themes and the build of a lot of the "attraction" stuff, like instead of metal rails, they had nice wood ones, they had a Texas Town area that was like a little village with ice cream, candy shoppes, and the like. And let's not forget the animals!

We saw the flamingos first and Cam was pretty meh about them, lol.

Cam had a flamingo on her shirt so I thought that was pretty silly haha.

I don't remember what this was... lol. Sorry creature.
Geeze, like the biggest crococile EVER!

Craaaaazy huge turtles.

Josh trying to get her to pose lol.

             At first, little Camilla was not very interested in the aquarium because...
                 A boy was much more interesting. She went to chase after him a few times...
                                                  Josh had to hold her back. Lol.
Cam, you are going to be trouble. Just like mommy!

Creepy!! But cool! :)
Hello Sandra!
 Inside the aquarium and reptile exhibit, Cam was soooo much more fascinated with everything. She loved seeing the fishies swim around, poking at the glass (haha), walking back and forth from displays and watching whatever caught her eye. She was soooooo adorable. *sigh*

We only just started and look how sweaty we all are. Lol. Thank goodness for AC! (and baby sunscreen that I literally swathed Cam in)
Haha! Like father like daughter. :)
Eeek! Cam, you're next to the creepy thingymabob!
The turtles swimming around were pretty neat to watch. :)

Hello Cam!

This was when she was like, Okay, I'm done here what's next?! Hahaha.

Lovely lady. :)
                                           Hahaha, she seemed thoroughly confused.

Say whaaaat? What's that, Ma?

Ewww Sandra wanted to go see the snake! And she made me pet it! Lol. Grossss!

KOMODO DRAGON!!! I was soooooooooooooo excited to see this guy!
Look at him, smirking at the passerby. He's probably thinking, 'Ugh, why does my lunch get to walk on by and taunt me every day?'

Cam and the Komodo Dragon statue!!!

Hahaha I love how she's petting it like she would pet Desoto. So funny. We all had a good laugh.

She's like, 'Umm. Does this thing not move?'
What perfect timing - a Kangaroo scratching his butt! Lol. Can't say I blame him...
                                                           Penguins, yay!
The Carousel! Cam's very first ride! Haha, although she was NOT a fan.
I had zero luck trying to hold her up there. Whenever I tried, she would just try and grab onto me and not want to let go, so Sandra was able to hold her up on the horse lol.
                                                      Cam, you little nose picker!!!

Okay commencing the CUTEST PICTURES EVER... Cam walking around with daddy.
Omggggg. SOOOOOOO CUTE. I could cry.
Look at her walking around like she's the coolest girl in the world. :) (you are Camilla!)

Hippos! They terrify me. Did you know that hippos are actually the most dangerous animal in Africa? It's 'cause they take their territorial-ness to EXTREME levels.
HAHA! Rhino! For the longest time I didn't even see him and I was like, okay, but why are people flocking to the water fall?! It's just a water fall! D'oh!
So fun but so tiring, mom and dad!

I wish I could've joined them. It was so hot haha.

Such a pretty tiger!
Haha look at that tiger, Cam!

Here we were like, okay, I think we're done. Lol.

                                                         We got to feed some birds!

And might I add, STINKY birds.
Lol saying goodbye. Oh crabby Cam. :)
HAHAHA I think this is my favorite of the Sandra pictures!
Ahhhh, and sleeping most of the ride home.
Uh oh she woke up!
Ipad and cracker snack to the rescue!
Mmm yum yum yum.

And cause these pictures were so damn cute, here's one again. Hehe.

It was a GREAT trip. I don't think it could've gone any better (except perhaps, it would've been nicer if the weather weren't so hot). When we left the zoo it was like 103 degrees. YEAH! CRAZY! Haha. We were so beat! But we're all fine and good, just made sure we all (and especially Cam) had plenty of water and fluids. Cam was actually a total dream, I thought we would have to deal with some tantrum throwing, or car ride screaming lol, but she was really good. This makes me really excited to find more fun outing adventure stuff for us to do. It's really good for Cam to get out and about and experience new things and it's just soooooooooooo good to get out of the house period. Lol. I'm already perusing to see more fun stuff we can do!

And Josh, sigh, he's preparing for his 2 month trip. BOOOO!!! Sad times for sure, but at the very least we got to go out and have fun as a family! (+Auntie Sandra to boot!) He is very very very sad, and he even got teary eyed today talking about leaving. I put my brave face on, even though I'm pretty upset that he'll be gone for a long time and it will be lonely and at times it will be tough doing it all by myself, but I am trying to stay positive. This is an amazing opportunity for him (Master Gunner School is a very very very BIG DEAL) and I know we are the #1 reason he works so damn hard at his job. Camilla, and myself (and baby #2, too) are incredibly lucky to have him. We might mean the world to him, but the reason we have OUR world is because of him. We love you Josh, and we are going to miss you so so so much. I better sign off now before I start to cry!

Family, we love you and we really hope you enjoyed the pictures! Cam is doing amazing, and we are so excited for the future adventures we will have! XOXO!


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