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Just Keep Swimming. :)

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"Just keep swimming" wise words quoted by Dory from Finding Nemo, will pretty much be my mantra for the next couple months.

Thanks Dory!

Josh is at Fort Benning! He made it in like, a day, and is now safe and tucked away the school hall place where he'll be staying. He's pretty bummed that the internet basically sucks (it's DSL) and there is no small kitchen like someone told him, but ah well. At least he has a fridge and freezer and microwave. He actually said it was smaller than the motel room he stayed in, and I do feel reeeeeally bad for him. :( But I did tell him over the phone, this is just the calm before the storm lol. Enjoy the boredom now, Josh!! And he laughed and was like yeah, soon he'll be buried in schoolwork and his studies. I am pretty freaking sad that he isn't going to be around and I know we're only on day #2 but gosh, the house sure does feel empty without him.

The morning he left (at 6 am) gosh, it was like, numbingly sad. I know it's only 2 months and I did my best not to let my blue-ness show but when he was kissing and hugging sleeping Cammy goodbye, I mean he was tearful and I was fighting back the wave of tears. Some ways I am very jealous of Josh that he leaves the house daily and basically has a second life outside the house, you know? That might sound weird, but sometimes being a stay at home mom can feel pretty isolating. However, leaving Cam, even if it was for an 8 hour work day... I don't think I could do it. I have a hard time leaving her for just a few hours if I'm out running errands! I guess I just felt really horrible that he had to leave us (especially her) behind, because he really does love her so much. He told me the other day (and he probably would rather NOT me share this to the world lol) but while he let me sleep in, he was playing with Cam in her room and he just started crying because he would miss his little girl so much. He doesn't want to miss things. I assured him that I would always take pictures and have the video record at the ready in case she did something new or cool, and I know it's not the same, but at least we are living in the age of such technology. Sigh. We miss you Josh.

I better change the subject, I feel tears coming on!

Okay I won't change the subject. I can't. I MISS YOU JOSH!!! The day before he left he was pretty busy doing last minute errands and preparations. And he kept doing all this stuff that was sooooo not necessary, like he ran some packages to the post office for me and I was like you don't have to! Stay home and just be with us! Lol. That's how he is though he wants everything to be nice and neat and easy for us, and I had to flat out tell him that I wasn't going to miss the things he does, I'm going to miss him.I'm a big girl, I can handle things!

Poo. It's only day #2! Yesterday Cam kept me soooo busy with all the things she wanted to do, and still the day dragged on. And she didn't go to sleep til like 1 am! I was so beat lol. Today I took a nap when she did so I'm feeling more recharged at least, and we also ran some errands like we had to go to the post office and had to pick up some grocery items at the story, so at least that divvied up the day. Cam sure does love going out in public... speaking of the post office...

While I was at the slot thing to throw in some packages, a guy had walked out of the main shipping terminal area where the clerks and people in line were, anyway, Cam used that opportunity to waddle quickly through the door (the postal doors close really slowly haha) and I was like "CAM!" (I was only a few paces behind her cause I KNEW she would take the first opportunity to go through that door) and she took her few steps into that big room and looked up at everyone in line, and everyone in line looked at her and chuckled. Haha it  was so damn cute! And the guy who left the door open was like "Oh crap, I'm sorry!" I just laughed and was like, "Not your fault, I knew she would race in here the second the opportunity arose." Anyway, I just think it's so funny how brave she is. She does not shy around people and she boldly goes where she wants  to. It's quite funny.

Phew! I better sign off now, I don't have  too much to say other than we miss Josh like heck already. But we are so proud of him and I am rooting for him. Despite the suckyness this is a good thing for him, and for our family. I wish I could do more for him, I wish I could take away some of his burdens and stress like he does so often for me. I guess the only thing I really can do is stay strong for him and hold down the fort. Keeping myself busy with chores and activities, and Cam and Desoto too, will help pass the time. Hopefully he won't even have to think about the time too much.

Well family, we love you, and miss you, and we are doing fine! Just a bit sad and weepy at times, but fine nonetheless. :) Cam and Desoto are doing fine as well, and Desoto wants everyone to know what a big bad boy he is and that he's taking the "man of the house" role seriously. (Seriously, Josh had a "you're the man of the house now" talk with him, it was so funny. And so cute.)

We will just keep swimming! 

Desoto watching over a napping Cam.
Josh is soooo happy that she loves the tea set he got her haha. :)
"Should we let him back in, Ma?"
She's like EW MOM STOP IT!

I will never understand how she sticks her WHOLE FINGER up her tiny nose! Lol. Doesn't that hurt?!
Don't pick your brain, Cam!
                                        Ah, the infamous pancake breakfast. She liked it...
                                                      Her face would state otherwise lol.

                               Stop taking pictures, Ma. I'm trying to read over here.

She is so freaking cute when she is "reading" Lol.

Uh oh, tantrum commencing...

                    Here she is hard at work, working on mommy's internet endeavors.
                    Cam says, "Someone has to get the job done, cause mommy is a slacker!"

                                                    Lol she is so cute in pearls and pink!

Laying all over mommy. As usual.

Why see the world through rose colored glasses
when you can see the world through rose colored Tupperware lids?
Napping lady!
Uh oh, someone woke up grumpy.

Lol she looks like she's doing some fancy Broadway dance move with her Tupperware hat.
She is obsessed with Tupperware lids and placing them over her face lol.

Don't you love both their faces in those pictures!?!? Hehe, I sure do! Cam looks soooo much like him.

Blog post within a blog post... so, the day before Josh left, or no... wait... the day before the day Josh left (lol) we all went out to eat at Olive Garden. We were both craving some Italian pasta and we wanted to sit down in a nice setting and enjoy ourselves. And *cough cough* I REALLY wanted some Amaretto Tiramisu for dessert lol. I wish I could've ordered a whole tub of it! Haha! Enjoy the photos of our evening! It was actually really great, Cam was a doll the whole time. (and a little piggy!) *sigh* Can't wait for you to come back home, Josh!

Coloring! Well, sort of. Lol.

LOL she definitely loved her Fettuccine Alfredo.
Josh was great taking the reins on this one lol.
                                                 Oh boy! She got to try some of our desserts!

That face says it all.

Skip the spoon and give this to me in bottle form, dad.
                               She definitely enjoyed the little bits of Josh's cheesecake stuff.

                                 Then I gave her bits of mine. She was one happy Cammy!
The face that really says "GIMME MOOOORE."
Yup. Happy Cammy. Lol.


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