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Happy ummm... 5th of July!

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Haha, no but really, Happy belated 4th! I wanted to post yesterday but we were just lounging and having family time and whatnots, plus we were stufffffeeddd with delicious foods! Mmmm! We had a good laid back one, even managed to see some fireworks some neighbors had going so that was interesting, and loud, haha. Cam wasn't scared by the loud popping noises and crackles, and Desoto slept through the whole darn thing, haha, but that's good. I'd rather him be indifferent than freaking out or crazed.

I'm actually going to start this post from July 3rd 'cause.. well...

Cam got a new cute hat! That she actually didn't mind wearing. Huzzah!

Maybe she could sense my desperation in wanting her to keep the hat on her head. Or maybe, just maybe, she knows how drop dead adorable she is! (perhaps it's because I let her hold that little bottle of lotion... she was pretty fascinated with it and carried it around all over the place.)

                                      See you later, ma! I've got to go seek my fortune.

                                                   Alright, I'll help you water the lawn.

                                                                      Sigh, adorable.

*sighhhh* What a cute, sweet girl. She loves being outside so much that when I start to steer her back towards the door she'll pull back and try ever so hard to turn around and go the other way. Lol. See all those stains on her clothes?! That would be the work of prune juice... double sigh.

So! 4th of July! We are a family of procrastinators... we didn't get BBQ stuff 'til the day of and the store was pretty busy, as usual. Lol. It wasn't that bad though, and Cam had a blast riding around in the cart and she loves to people watch. She also got complimented a ton! Well, she sure was in a cute little outfit!

                                               Aren't those polka dot shoes adorable?!!

                             Lol that face. She looks concerned. Or maybe constipated.

So while we rushed around the store grabbing meat and buns and a couple other things we needed, Cam clutched her bag of chex mix but it was all for naught -- they were not purchased, they were just used as a device to distract her. Mwahahha, we're so evil! Lol. We did let her have a few potato chips that evening, hey it's the 4th of July! When in Rome, right?! [[Sidenote: we need to bring a blanket for her to sit on in the cart, her poor tushy! Probably not the most comfiest of seats haha]]

                             Oops, these were taken on the ride TO the store. Ah well. ;)
                    She much be checking her e-mail and updating her twitter and facebook.
Oh, I see my stocks in Prune Juice went up. Get my guy on the phone, Ma. Time to sell.
Okay quit taking pictures, Ma!

Haha I love that glare she's giving me.
Can you believe she allowed that headband?! I sure couldn't. She did eventually rip the flower part of it off, but didn't seem to notice the headband was still on her head. I guess it's better than nothing! Lol.

Then we got home, and as daddy was setting everything up, Cam and I took a mini walk quite literally to the end of our driveway. (Holy hell was it hot.) 

She stops to smell the roses. And by roses, I mean weeds. ((yikes we need to weed the front yard! lol))
Then I pick her up and decide eh, let's just hang out in the backyard with daddy. We get his additional company and she still gets to strut around all happy and go lucky in the sunshine.

                                                               She loves that grass.

                             Hey where'd the blue flower go? Oh  right, you ripped it off, CAM.

                                            Lol squatting in the grass. Such a funny girl.

As the food was close to being done, I got Cam inside for her hmm, appetizer, I guess we can call it. Haha. She LOOOOOOOOOVES squash! Isn't that silly? She really really loves it. I have a video of her eating it and going "mm mmmm mmm" and gnawing it all off the spoon. So funny!

                                                              Mmmmm squash!
                 And here she is helping herself to a bit of hot dog bun. And a couple chips!

                                           Lol. I don't think she liked the saltiness much.

 I did let her try a bit of meat. She'll normally eat bits of chicken when Josh and I eat some, but that night we let her try some hamburger. She didn't seem too impressed by it, but she did eat a bit. She was more interested in pieces of bun lol. We didn't let her try any hot dog since they were jalapeno dogs, plus I dunno, hot dogs are kinda gross when you know what they're made of. Lol. Maybe in another year or two. She had so much fun feeding herself, though! I'll lay out an assortment of things for her on her table/plate and she'll pick what she wants and she does try little bits of everything, which makes me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking happy. We did let her have some dessert too, not too much of course. She had quite the time just filling up her belly alone haha. I'm pretty sure Cam had a great night, me and Josh (and Desoto) too! Funny story: Josh was eating chips and Cam stuck her hand inside the bag and he thought she would grab one or two, but she grabbed a whole handful and tossed them to the floor.

Desoto jumped forward and lapped up all the chips like he had just cashed out at a potato chip slot machine. So, I think it's safe to say Desoto had a good 4th too. :)

                                                       Then we played in her room forever. :)

       And here are some random pictures that happened a little bit before the 4th!

She loves sitting on that thing!
               She hangs out with daddy quite a bit more often now since that's her new hobby lol.

AAAAAAWWWWWWW. They love each other so much. :)
Oh my gosh. Look at her face when she sees that Desoto is waiting in her room!!!!
Oh boy, I get to pet and pester you on my turf!
Lol oh boy. Her face totally says: Yes, I've got some devious plans for you, Desoto. We will soon take over the world!

And he watches her pick out some books.
Would your world domination plans also include that Triceratops?
Insanely random: Desoto in a pearl necklace. LOL.
Desoto is probably like, WHY WHY DO MY HUMANS DO THESE THINGS TO ME? I'm going to go in my crate and cry tears of Doberman oppression.

Definitely her favorite book to play with.
She picked up that big ol' clunky phone and decided to lick it. Like the dryer escapade. Rehab is most definitely in order.

I wonder why babies like to carry things around. Maybe it gives them a sense of accomplishment?

Woke up from my nap! Pay attention to me!
Hey guys, wanna see some toys I like?

         She flippin' loves that futon! She gets so smiley and loves flinging herself about on it.
P.s. her hair is finally coming in! Lol.

 SO FUNNY!!!!! Those pictures... well, she was toddling along when she looked down and saw her reflection in that mirror. She immediately swooped down to have a good look at herself because even she can't resist her adorable charms. :)

Hope everyone had a happy 4th!!!!!!! I feel like my writing was a little rushed in this blog, and well, it's true because Cam has been napping this WHOLE time and it's only a matter of moments before she'll wake up! Love you everybody and hope you loved the pictures and stories of our past week!


Oh! P.s. our very first mortgage check cleared! $981 baby!!!!!!


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