Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Have you ever been so scared but really inspired and excited to do something, all at the same time? That's  totally me right now. While I was battling cooking pancakes this morning for Camilla and I, I thought, DAMNIT today is the day I will plant SOMETHING.

Emphasis on something, as at the time I had no idea yet what to plant. But I stocked up on plenty of seeds a couple months ago and had a couple bags of unopened organic seed mix just begging to be used. So after burning many pancakes (me and pancakes just don't get along! but I did let Cam eat the best ones, and I basically ate burnt crap for breakfast lol) I was really super inspired, yet oh so scared (cause let's face it, I kill all plants, I'm a plant killer! Eeek!) I couldn't wait. Except after breakfast I figured I should get started on dinner prep so I wouldn't have to do it later... so while Cam ate pancakes in her high chair, I chopped peppers, onions, and smooshed up some garlic while browning chicken (all of which were going in the slow cooker at noon) cause we're having FAJITAS tonight! YUM!

Anyway, after all that was done with, and Cam was full and super cute as always, I grabbed the potting mix from the garage... and just jumped in. I decided to start with basic flowers. Well, these ones "vine" which I really want something vine-y for the front yard, or wherever would look cool. Haha. Anyway, yeah. I planted some black eyed susan vines since apparently they grow very easily and are like weeds. So *crosses fingers* HERE'S HOPING! Hopefully in a couple weeks I won't have a graveyard of seedlings. Lol. I know it's probably late to JUST be starting on stuff, but I dunno, the sun is always out and in full abundance, so maybe it won't matter as much. I guess I'll see in a few weeks! Haha!

In other news, Josh and I had a great talk the other night. I love evenings when we can just chat about everything and anything while Cam is sitting there with us playing, or listening and watching us talk, haha. He was unbelievably happy because he gets these evaluation reports (I think once a year, or once in a long time anyway, ha) and his last several (probably all of the ones he's ever gotten actually) have been rated extremely high. You can get a total of 5 excellents and he always gets 4 consecutively. He says it's next to impossible to get 5, and the one he scored just a teensy bit lower on was phys fitness and he says that physical is not at all what the higher ups really look at when deciding promotions and whatnot. He says he's looking REALLY good and the fact he's always volunteering to do the jobs that aren't so fun, that makes him look even better. I'm so proud of him! I mean yeah, he definitely gets tired of work at times, but the fact that he is doing so damn well and looks pretty stellar on all accounts puts him on the definite right track to ranking higher and higher. He's pretty happy and proud of himself, as he should be! It's just nice to see what the future will (probably) be like, ya know. I know nothing is for certain or set in stone, but Josh isn't the kind of guy to just suddenly behave badly or not care about all he's worked for. So I know he can do it. And this Master Gunner school is another huge stepping stone. He says there are very few Master Gunners, very few even get the opportunity to go to the school. So I'm crossing my fingers. I will miss him so so much, but at the same time I am sooooooo damn proud of him!

In CRAZY news, there was a soldier here (not associated with Josh's company, from a different one) who was threatning people at an apartment pool with a gun. Nowhere near us, this was in town close to the taco bell. I don't remember the name of the apartments, but this happened at night and the cops were called. Weeeell, the guy shot and killed one cop and injured the other. What's crazy about this story... is that a cop lives on our street, like three doors down. Josh and I would always see his cop car in the driveway. He was on the SWAT team and worked nights.

Well, this incident happened on a Saturday, and Josh and I haven't seen his car in the driveway for awhile. We put 2 and 2 together... and we  think that guy was the one who was killed. Isn't that so sad? I mean, I don't know them or anything, but wow that is sad. It really made me think wow, life is so fleeting. You never know what the hell can happen, to you OR your neighbors. No one is really safe 100% of the time, I mean no matter what job you have, but gosh. I feel so so so badly for his wife and two young kids. Gosh. Makes me appreciate life and my family all the more. I love Cam so so much, even when she's shrieking at me, or hitting my face with the remote, or peeing on me. Lol.

Anyway! I just wanted to babble while Cam is preoccupied with carrying around her favorite box (haha). Silly girl. Love you all, family!

Oh! I do have some extra zoo pictures that I totally forgot about. So enjoy!! (p.s. I'm expecting this steam mop to be delivered today and I am so excited for that too, when did I become such a mom?! Lol)

Her first nacho, haha. When in Rome!
Loll that face.
She's like uhh, this is gross.

Loving that refreshing mist!! Hahahah.

She would drink some, then she would push it toward's Josh and make him drink!

Here daddy, your turn.

She loves to pat his head and touch his hair. Or what hair there is lol. (thanks military haircuts, you keep our daughter entertained!)

Desoto's like, can I get in on some of that?

     The Dollar Tree is like my favorite store! I spent a few bucks on a couple toys and it was literally the best few bucks I ever spent. Like this pink bouncy ball that she LOVES. And she also loves carrying around this cheapie Disney princess paddle inflatable ball toy. It's funny how cheap it is but my word, she LOVES those toys!

                                                              Peek a boo with daddy!

Carrying around her balloon lol.
Oh my goodness look at that face!
She loves carrying around and studying her books lol.
Well that's just embarrassing.
LOL! From this morning. That is what happens when you're busy chopping vegetables and completely forgot there was one last pool of cooking pancake batter. Note to self: Never make pancakes again, because you totally suck.

At least the ones Cam had weren't burnt, but I swear, pancakes have a vendetta against me. Can I just hire someone to make breakfast in the mornings? Cause I am not a morning kind of girl. Lol.

P.s. In case anyone was wondering, this bad boy was not even good enough to hand over to Desoto. Hahaha, gosh. It doesn't even look like a pancake. You know you suck at making pancakes when your pancake looks like it's wearing a black toupee. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

we are so proud of Josh, and you too Christine, you are very good parents...Keep up the good job

ChristineElaine on July 19, 2013 at 10:16 AM said...

Thank you so much for the sweet message! :)

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