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It is very hard to clean anything, or pick up toys and general items when you have a Doberman that insists on being glued to your hip. He will literally follow me everywhere and then when I go in to *attempt* to clean something, he'll park his rump right in front of me blocking me from doing anything.


He's very proud of himself today, as the UPS guy was here and he of course did his hackles-raised-warning-barks-and-rumbly-growls. I went to the door, saw the delivery dude, and was like OOH MAIL! So I open it, and sign the machine thingy while the guy is chuckling. I look up and I'm like huh? Why's he laughing?! And he suddenly goes, "Your dog is standing right behind you and he's just... watching."

I turn around and yep, Desoto is like 10 feet behind me in a very frozen pose, just watching the whole thing. I felt like he was analyzing the situation. I sighed. I DO love having a very protective guardian, but sometimes I'm all like, oh sheesh relaaaaax Desoto! Haha. So I told Desoto "SIT!" and I took the package. Desoto sits, and the UPS guy is like "Wow, cool! Can he do anything else?" So then I make Desoto go through a few tricks like down, wave, speak and the UPS guy said, "Wow, that's a cool dog!"

A huuuuuuuge difference from the UPS guy who did our last neighborhood! THAT guy refused to even come up to our door if he saw so much as a glance of Desoto lol. We even told him to come meet him and see that he posed no danger to him, but he didn't want to. Ah well! So today Desoto has been running around acting smug and happy that he made me happy. Haha. Silly dog.

Cam can't get enough of him. She loves petting him, grabbing his ears, poking him. Though it was funny when last night, he came up to us just cuddling on the couch and apparently Cam was not interested in his company so she pushed his head away. Lol. Silly girl. She gets so happy like if she sees him in her room, or he comes to join us.. which is more often than not, he wants to be part of the action aaaaalll the time.

Boy, I need to start weeding the front yard! Josh dropped a not so subtle hint about the weeds lol but it's soooo daaanggg hot. I think I'll wait a bit for it to cool down before attempting. I actually like to weed and do yard work stuffs, it's just not being able to do it in one long sitting drives me nuts. When you're chasing after a baby at the same time, it takes foooorever and can get frustrating lol and our little lady cannot be trusted out front! She bolts down the sidewalk the second she's free of me or Josh! Haha. She's a lady with her own plans, I guess!

P.s. I had my doctor appointment today!! But I will talk about that after some pictures!

Well, well, well. Look who's becoming a little gardener! Lol. Isn't she soooooo cute with her little purple rake?!

Off to do yard work, guys!
Sigh. She is sooooo damn cute!

Gotta pick those weeds, Ma!

Smarty pants! She knows that charger cable plugs into one of the old phones Josh uses as a 2nd alarm. Anyway, she kept placing it on the baby monitor as if it plugged into the monitor Lol. She kept working at it for awhile before she gave up. Lol.

She grabbed Pocoyo and took him away haha.

                                  What a biiiiiiiiiiiig Doberman baby.
She had a lot of fun entertaining herself at the doctor's clinic!
Sometimes he'll just sit his head in my lap, silently begging for pets and attention and loves.

 So! The doctor trip went well. I love my doctor this time around. Not that I hated the last one, but he just seemed to rush the appointments and this one is not only a woman (haha), but she was very upbeat and friendly and she felt very accommodating. Anyway! I'm so so so glad Josh was there with me because Cam was soooooo squirmy! And she wanted to run around everywhere! Most of the appointment Josh had to stay in the waiting room lol, cause I had to get a cervical exam and didn't want them to be in there. Anyway, again, I am so glad he was there. I'm not sure how I will manage future doc appointments, hopefully they won't be as "eventful" haha.

She also did a quick ultrasound and she has a suspicion on the gender!!! I wanted to know so bad, haha but Josh wasn't in the room... so she went to grab him and Cam, and then when we were all back in the room, she told us!

But I don't know if I should tell anyone yet. Hehehehee. I don't know! It's still a tad early to tell for sure, but she did say what she saw she suspects that it's a... BLEEEEEP.

More on that as it develops!! Lol.

(Oh I'm such a jerk!)

Love and kisses to you all!!!


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