Sunday, July 28, 2013

Making this a fast one!

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*cough cough* or at least I will TRY to, we all know how I can blabber on like an idiot. :)

Anyway! We have been keeping ourselves busy with activities... there's been lots of reading, outside adventures, errand hopping, and attempts at lawn care maintenance (HAHA) unfortunately I am not able to spend a long length of time outside because a) it gets hot, especially with Cam outside with me and me worrying about her every second and b) because Cam is outside with me and I worry about her every second. Lol.

SO! I have pictures to share, but not many words... as my brain is kind of mushy and my body is aching oh-so-much. :( Why does weeding have to require bending?! And watering, oy, why do I find myself constantly fighting with the hose either it's got a kink in the length and won't spray, or it does spray and I hit myself right square in the eye. SIGH.

I'm not even sure how to work the mower. Josh was supposed to show me LOL, but you can bet your bottom dollar you'll be laughing your butts off at THAT future story! *sigh*

So! Yes, we've been keeping ourselves busy, and calamity Christine is injuring herself with hoses and baby food foil and etc. Cam is adorable as always, and Josh is doing VERY well! He actually likes the stuff he is learning so that definitely gives him more  boosts of confidence and determination. He is very confident, and so are his teachers and his fellow group peers! So that makes me happy! Yay!

 (plus I gotta make this quick as Cam is getting sleepy which means an earlier bedtime tonight HOORAY! Finally. Haha, my body was so tired and sore last night I felt 90% like a zombie)

                                                   Yay, her Zoo shirt! Hahaha. :)

                                            She knew those two went together somehow... Lol.

Too busy making a mess, Ma!
Would anyone like some tea and crumpets?
                                         Mmm scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, thanks Ma!

                        She likes to flick the guitar strings, she thinks she's a guitar player lol.
                                                 Oh no, Farmer Cam took a stumble!

Lol she sure does love "helping"
*sigh* and the Amazing Bozo, the Clown Dog of the Blake Residence
Look at this happy go lucky baby girl! :) (she is obsessed with that Magic Card in her hand haha)
She asks, "Do you guys like my non-matching outfit? I'm so cool!"
Slurp, slurp.

Okay dat's enough water, don't you think, Ma?

Ma, the grass over here is very yellow and ugly. I no approve.
(I'm working on it, Cam, don't give me that grouchy look!)

Whatever Ma, you suck.
I will have to water everything myself, Ma's are no good at watering.
Or I'll just look off into the distance, staring at my rake. Hmmm yeah I think I'd rather play with my rake.
                                                                    All smiles!

Lol this is where she was pushing Desoto away.
"Reading" hahaha.
                                 She just HAD to have her ducky at feeding time. Lol.

                                          After errands, we took a detour to the PARK!

                                      She's like... uh, what am I supposed to do now?

I don't know about this...
Um... Ma...
This is just plain weird, Ma.
Are we done yet?

Lol she was SOOO not impressed!All my "WHEEEEEEE!"-ing didn't help, either. Lol.

You remind me of my dog. (haha she was petting it)
Okay Ma, I'm walking home. I'm outta here.
                                                            Reading time fun yay!

Lol being silly pushing her phone.
   While chatting on the phone with Sue, Cam was walking around her room just mumbling to herself. It was quite funny.

Morning cuddles are the best!
Hitting her head with the Lap Pup??? Lol.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Blake, I love this laughing baby toy!

HEY LOOK!!!! I grew this!! LOL. (let's hope it stays grown and doesn't die... please don't die!!)
(seriously when I saw the sprouts I was way too excited...)
which just makes me think of another Dory quote...

I shall call you Squishy and you shall be mine! And you will be my SQUISHY!
Gotta love Dory!

                                                      Blurry, but more guitar fun!

Yep, we've been busy! Haha! Anyway, I have to get the heck outta here before I continue chatting the night away... gotta tend to Camilla now! Love and hugs to everyone, MWAH!!!


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