Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tiiiiiiiiired and buuuusyyy!

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I'm so tired! Blarrghhh!!! It's been pretty busy around here lately, and today was my doctor appointment! They definitely think it's a girl. Can't believe it, ANOTHER little lady of the house! Lol! Josh is going to have his hands full... and Desoto's gonna have another one to protect! Lol.

The doc appointment went fine. Thank goodness for my phone, I put Despicable Me on it and she was sitting content in her stroller the whole time. I swear, she hates the stroller unless she's got something occupying her 100% haha and that worked like a charm so it made it a lottttttttttt easier on me. Might I add, I loathe loathe the parking lot. The women's clinic sits at an odd angle. It faces the road, but the parking lot on one side is either the main hospital, or you park across the street at the general parking area... and um. There's never any spaces. Ever. I left like an hour early for the appointment because I figured there would be gate traffic (geeze was there ever) and also, I knew it would take some time to find parking... which it did. Like 15 minutes of driving around the lot only to park in the very back anyway. BAH!! Lol.

Oh well, me and Cam were fine. I don't mind walking, but it does make me nervous walking around with Cam in the stroller. I'm just so paranoid of cars not watching where they're going, etc. I'm just a paranoid person! Haha.

So yup! The appointment went fine. The nurse was a little concerned that I hadn't gained weight since the last appointment but she said at least I wasn't losing. I found that kinda odd cause I am showing more, but maybe my body is redistributing weight or something lol. I dunno. I'm definitely showing. I feel like I actually look pregnant now instead of that awkward phase where your belly is protruding slightly but other people might think you're just fat, lol.I must say I'm pretty excited it's going to be another girl. I think it will be totally adorable for Cam to have a younger sister. And Josh is thrilled with the idea of another girl, which I find totally sweet! I love that he adores girls lol. I mean yeah, part of me is a little sad that it's not a boy as having a boy this time around would be a different experience but girls are fun to dress up haha. Let's hope this one actually likes headbands?! Sheesh!

I  really have to make this a fast one as Cam will wake up ANY second from now. In conclusion, doc appointment went fine, I am exhausted while running around trying to keep this house from being destroyed by Camilla lol, and we are excited for Josh's parents visit!  Yay!

                                                 She kept getting so many compliments! Lol.

Help this crazy lady is taking me shopping! Ahhhh!

Mmmm I let her try some of my delicious mango juice.

LOL Cam had NO idea that was on her head for like 15 minutes!!

                             Hey mom, why are you and the dog pointing and laughing at me?

                                         What do you mean there's something on my head?

Oh silly lazy boy Desoto.

Desoto's like umm. That's still on your head dude.

Sigh, such a cutie!!
                                Let's play a video game mom! Or I'll play while you clean! Lol.

Whoa is that my shadow?
OMG. OMG. Look at that laughing silly face!!!
This is what happens when you start bopping Cam with a pillow. Lol. She gets hysterical.

                                                          Ma, quit bopping me! It tickles!

Mommmm stop it!
Oh she is just too cute.
Long story short: Cam was whining. I wasn't giving in. She actually walked away from me, went into the bedroom, laid down with her toy, and pouted.

Oh crap mom's in here! I better ignore her...
Go away mom! I'm mad at you!


This face makes me soooooooo unbelievably happy.

Cam in black and white!

Hey Doberbutt!

                                         She loves dragging her singing puppy around lol.

Oh boy, the tupperware cabinet!

Desoto's like umm, should you be making more of a mess? Mom's not gonna like that.

After mail drop offs, we went thrifting! Cam slept through most of it lol.

Desoto wants to play toys too!


My two children lol. And a third on the way! Eeeep!

Shut up, Ma! I can't hear you!

Oh no, I think I just pooped!

She literally fell asleep on my face lol.

Sweet dreams, Camilla!

She loves the new living room lamps haha.

Desoto's cooler than that dog on the tv, Ma!

Yeah I'm pretty cool. Can I have that PB&J you're nibbling on?



Lol sorry Desoto.
I didn't give him any.

No go awayyyyyy Cam it's too early.

Devilishly adorable!

I will poke and prod at you Ma!

And also kick you.

Let's get up Ma!


Have I mentioned she's obsessed with her belly button?

Okay I do my work now, Ma.

Are you awake yet Ma? Time to get up and do things! Lol she totally has Josh's widows peak hairline.

Have I also mentioned that she learned to climb on the couch? TERRIFYING, I know.

She thinks she's so cool with her newfound abilities.

Yeesh the sheets on the couch are an eyesore but a few days ago I cleaned and scrubbed and vacuumed the inside and out of the couch so I have to preserve the loveliness for when Josh's parents get here lol.

                                                I got lots to say about a lotta things, Ma!

Oh noes!

Desoto wants to be petted so bad. :)


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