Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No Solicitors!

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Unless you're a Girl Scout selling cookies (oh how I miss being a Girl Scout haha!), GO AWAY!

Our No Soliciting sign fell down what with the crazy wind we've been having and I haven't yet had the opportunity to print out another one, so what does that mean? It means getting bothered by salesmen EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY. [We had THREE different sets of salesmen come to the door today alone.] Why are they soooo pushy in this state?! Or maybe just this city? We had some guy last night stick a card in the door after blatantly ignoring him, CAM the bad baby threw open the blinds and peeked out the window while he was there! Lol! I just had Desoto bark and do his thing. They always go away but it's so freaking annoying how they aaaaaaaalwaaaays come back. No we don't want your magazines, no we don't want your security system, no we aren't interested in your religion! GEEZE!

Ha, I guess the point of this post is what just happened literally 5 minutes ago. I set Cam down in the living room and she was happily playing with her toys. I needed a potty break, so I rush away and blah blah blah then what happens? The second I sit down, the doorbell rings. This is the second solicitor tonight and I'm like ohhhhh my goddddddddddddd I hate you. Lol.

But Desoto took the reins from here. From the master bathroom I hear him barking and growling up a storm and let me tell you, this was the fiercest I have ever heard him. For a second I thought someone was trying to break in! That's how intense he sounded. I mean, he sounded like a rabid werewolf or something. So I rush out there and I'm expecting to see someone's leg kicked through the window or something lol, but I get to the door and peer through.... and nothing. Maybe it was because I was in such a compromising position (lol) Desoto sounded much more terrifying than normal? Or maybe it's because he figured he was in charge of little Cam playing with her toys, since I was temporarily out of the room.

Whatever the reason, it made me feel better. Not that I don't feel safe or anything, but it's nice to have your dog reaffirm your faith in his scaring tactics. Lol. Thank you for that Desoto. You really made my night.  In fact, I was so happy with him that we skipped merrily to the kitchen and he was bestowed a few treats. And now he won't leave me alone and he keeps looking up at me with those big brown Doberman eyes. Right now he's sitting next to my desk, looking out the window. Lol. I think he knows he did good... and he definitely knows I am writing about him, so I better change the subject before he gets too big of an ego. :)

Blahhh! Today was a pretty meh day apart from that. I had some drop offs for the post office... and so I planned the day around that, and when we get there, guess what I did? I FORGOT MY WALLET. D'OH! ...I was so annoyed with myself. Plus it's just embarrassing lol. I'll hafta go back out tomorrow this time with my wallet glued to my hand or something, since apparently I can't be trusted to remember such things. When we got home, I weeded to vent out some frustration lol and that's about it. Cam's been a doll, though lately she gets sooo crabby and impatient over some things. Like if she's hungry she wants food NOWWWWWWWWW. Or if she's sleepy but isn't calming down, oh boy, you'll be hearing about it via cranky crying. Sheesh! Haha, and for dinner tonight I decided to try a new recipe from a Rachael Ray magazine [Spinach stuffed Chicken] and it was really good! However, Cam wanted NOTHING to do with it lol. She ate a little chicken and a tiny bite of spinach. I think it was the texture of the spinach that she didn't like. I don't think she much appreciated the taste of the feta cheese either ha. But she gobbled up the green beans with no qualms, as usual. Today she also tried tomatoes for the first time which she seemed to really like... why is it she likes the food that I find super yucky? Lol. I won't let her know how I REALLY feel about certain foods... but... icky!! Haha. That's out secret, though. In front of her, mmmm green beans and tomatoes are so yummy! (barf)

P.s. Sue is SUCH a life saver! Or I should say, plant saver, lol. I was in a panic because ummm it only took 2 days for me to nearly kill my pretty flowers! The leaves were droopy as hell and I was like okay, I barely touched you how are you dying!? Turns out I wasn't watering them enough. Lol. Gosh. I am such a plant noob! Thank you Sue! The leaves have perked up and are no longer depressed looking! THANK GOODNESS. I can't wait for them to come up and visit.. maybe they can give me pointers and stuff on hmm EVERYTHING. Lol. It will be a good visit! And I've been having fun putting the guest room together and yes, even cleaning. It's always the best motivation for cleaning isn't it? Having guests come? Hehe, yay!

Josh update: Josh is doing well! Same stuff -- LOTS of studying, making flash cards, and missing us! His eye is doing loads better; he didn't even hafta take an Ibuprofen today so that is awesome. We're both hoping it doesn't come back! Haha, it's just like horrible timing for his eye to start being weird, but at least for now it seems to have gone. Hates that his internet sucks (not much skyping for us with that issue) but ah well. He's stressing a little bit about an upcoming test. Well, he says everyone is stressing over it, but other than studying all the time and stuff, he doesn't have much time for anything else. But he IS doing good, so phew!!! So proud of him! Keep going, baby! We love you!

Okay I'll shut up, here are some recent pics! WOOHOO!



I wanna go back to the zoo, Mom!

                                                      Awwhhhh that face is so precious!

                                                 Hmmm that doesn't fit. How odd!
No Ma, he doesn't go up here. Duh!

Awww sad face!
Pretty flowers Sue saved! Lol!
Look who thinks she's going somewhere. I don't think so little lady!
Oh no! She fell! Got a little knee scrape too, poor lady.

Lol mmmm avocados, broccoli, shrimp, and white pasta. Oh and some prunes!
I dunno about this "dinner" mom...

                                Lol! She kept crying when I tried to make her eat the broccoli.
LOL I couldn't resist posting this one. Look at that face!!
Ma, I'm on to you. You can't sneak the camera!
Ew mom, no kissies! I'm too old for that!

Hello Blogland! Aren't I the cutest baby ever?!

Oh my gosh that face melts my heart!

                                                              Smiley baby girl!

                                                            She loves bowls lol.

Mainly for this reason.
All tuckered out.

Hey dog, gimme those ears!
This is totally the look of: Dad and Mom, I'm going to spend all your money.

                                               I love how she sleeps like that! Lol.

I no like this dinner so I'm going to stomp on the table.
                                                                 Are we done yet?

The look of anti-Spinach. Lol.

Hahaha oh gosh. Lounging away.
Sigh, so precious.

I think I posted this already? But... SOO CUTE!!!

                                           Mmmm, did you know penguins are a delicacy?

                                                               And so are blocks.

Holy hell, ANOTHER solicitor?! It's like 8:30 at night! Is it illegal to open the door while brandishing a gun? Cause I'm totally at that point right now haha. Or maybe I'll just open the door and let Desoto out?

Or I'll just ignore them, like always. SIGH.


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